Quick Grid Studies question

What’s the preferred way of generating Markdown from index.md into index.html? I’m currently working on updating the node.js studies for the updated node library, and whilst my Markdown is complete, I wondered what the toolchain originally used was?

(Possibly one for @tehn or @galapagoose, who I recall may have been involved in the original studies?)

so jekyll (which is what monome.org uses) autogenerates the html. i expect i modified the CSS a bit-- i can get you the files if you’d like.

if you want to submit a PR to https://github.com/monome/docs i’ll get your changes live on the site.

Thanks, @tehn. At the moment, I’ve got @phortran reviewing my changes - my ES201X is a bit rusty - so once we’ve got something good to go, we’ll submit a PR against the monome repository. Will keep you posted.