Quick Question: monomeserial


I’ve been fiddling with Pages for a long while now and I’ve developed a relatively stable setup. My question is: Can I use monomeserial and serialosc through Pages at the same time? This is probably a stupid question. I’m attempting to run re:mix and dj64fx through pages external app. Anyone with experience using dj64 or dj64fx on recent max/m4l?

Love this community :flushed:

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no, you can’t run serialosc and monomeserial simultaneously. you can, however, use monomebridge to connect outdated monomeserial apps with serialosc.


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Yes, you can use Pages with monomeserial and serialosc apps simultaneously. You don’t actually run monomeserial though. Pages converts the messages to serialosc format.

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Thank you all for your quick responses! So should I download monomeserial or bridge? Very excited about the idea of running these two apps together!

I’m assuming I’ll just set my ports and prefix in pages, then I’ll be peachy? :slight_smile:

Yeah you just set the ports/prefix in pages. You don’t need monomeserial or the bridge.

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Everything is working pretty close to perfect. @elquinto you’re my saving grace.
I’m still in love with my monome thanks to your guidance.

Thank you to all you brilliant community members that help newbs like me learn to become more competent artists.