quiet details 01 - the humble bee - out now

Hey all - hope all good!

Just a quick one to say ‘the humble bee - lichen cloak on a white stone’ the first release on my new label ‘quiet details’ - where each release is an artist’s interpretation of that phrase, is out now.

Everyone who’s heard from me so far knows how much I love this album from one of my favourite artists ever - the humble bee is the wonderful creation of the endlessly creative mind that is Craig Tattersall (Cotton Goods, The Boats, Famous Boyfriend, The Remote Viewer and many more).

This album is the latest in the continued evolution of someone who has the unlimited ability to find the most beautiful fragments of sound, building evolving soundscapes that gradually shift from one world to another.
Deconstructed electro-acoustic tape loops, field recordings, deep drones and atmospheres all meld together into an album that moves from beautiful minimalism to dense layered textures.

Available as glass-mastered CDs with bespoke packaging and presenting the long-form version.
We love extended listening and feel it is a perfect way to experience the music (download also provided)
The individual tracks are available for purchase on on Bandcamp too.

The artwork was made in collaboration with Craig, with colours chosen to represented the feel of music as we felt it.
Paper-making, natural dyes, mixed media and analogue photography combined to make the final image.
A separate high-quality print is included with the physical album.

Digital half price until 22 Feb

Much love



Hey Alex,

Gave this a spin while walking the dog earlier. It’s really lovely. Congrats on your label’s first release!


Thanks so much :white_heart::pray: Glad you’re enjoying it :)x

Hi Alex,

Just listened to Humble Bee’s latest.


Like catching up with an old friend…with allusions to past and current works, and engaging new glimpses of where things might be going…before they change again.

Thanks for bringing this disc to daylight.

Congrats to you and Mr. Bee.

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Ah thank you for that - really appreciate the kind words and support :)x

Been truly overwhelmed by all the positivity and love for the release - at the top of the Bandcamp ambient charts and sold out of the first run of CDs :exploding_head:

So cool to see Craig’s music being so well received, all the previous releases as the the humble bee are up there with my fav albums and so it’s honour to share this with everybody.
He’s a legend in my eyes and one of the nicest people i know.

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