Quiet Fixing, An Experimental Hip Hop Album by Outside House

Hey everyone,
Hope you’re having a great day filled with discoveries,
Would love to share this experimental hip hop album I’ve made:

My buddy Nic said it sounded like if Cities Aviv handed over production duties to Klein, and I’ll take that as a compliment haha.
Lots of sample manipulation, noise making of all kinds, field recording, sound collages, the usual music making.
Major thanks to Big Flowers, Black, Ozark Harp and Sunmundi for lending their voice to the music.

Always open to share any info about the process, and for any critiques, advice and opinions, let me know what you think!

Blessings to you and yours :heart:


I need to listen on a setup befitting the sounds but in my kitchen whilst preparing food it sounds great and really intriguing to investigate further.

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This is dope. What was your general workflow? Were you working on a computer or hardware? It all sounds very organic. Also what was the process working with the rappers? Were you sending mixdowns and getting acapellas back or working together in person?

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Workflow wise, I try to make all the beats in one take, I’ve got a reaktor patch for sample manipulation that allows me to feel like I’m playing an instrument. So a lot of the work is in sample selection and learning their time feel, in order to be able to record it all at once and trigger effects live, which I think helps in creating that organic kind of sound, the fact that a (very chaotic) human has to press all those buttons to trigger it all.
It is all done with computers, I’m a big Reaktor fan, so that’s mostly what I use.

Most of the tricky work for me is in the mixing stage, as I always have to continuously make space for different elements, and when the music is that dense it gets tough, a lot of concessions were made, but as they say, art is never finished, only abandoned.
That’s definitely an area I’m trying to get better at.

As for the writing on my end, I’m very inspired by the likes of Nathaniel Mackey and Elucid, in the way they pursue an economy of words, saying things that are so condensed, meaning wise, that they might not make sense, yet the rhythm and feeling of having communicated something is ever present.
I think a major focus of mine is on rhythm, which is hyper subjective.
I could definitely see listening to some songs on there and feel like there is no driving rhythmic force, but I always try to resolve things somewhere, I swear! hahaha

Working with rappers is always full of surprises though, cause you never really know when you’re going to get anything :smiley: , jokes aside though, the process has mostly been smooth and yeah we were exchanging acapellas and mixes online, we all live at different corners of the world, so that was the most realistic solution.
I think it worked out great though, mixing vocals is not my forte, so I’ve had a lot to learn, but I’m super happy with everyone’s performance on here, really brought the songs together.

I’ve been a huge fan of a lot of the rappers on the album too, so it was such an honor to share a track with them.