Loving how this one is shaping up. Amazing work!

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Oh dear. That is indeed a bug. For some reason I didn’t catch that… is there a testing framework for Norns?

Anyway, fixed, tested, and pushed.

Yes, I’m definitely planning to do that! I’d love to see what you’re doing with it.


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Absolutely nothing intentional right now, just improvising something instead of sleeping :slight_smile: The affordable Korg NTS-1 synth/effects thing has quite a comprehensive MIDI “API”, so just

params:add_number("output_cc_ab", "midi cc ab", 0, 127, 0)

and inside the if state.send_midi then

if params:get("output_cc_ab") > 0 then
  state.midicon:cc(params:get("output_cc_ab"), math.floor(state.pstate.distances[1]), params:get("output_channel"))

I would need to read up stuff to come up with something more inspired than throwing numbers at the synthesizer in the evening. Thanks for the nice script!

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Well, I haven’t gotten around to MIDI CC modulation yet, but I have just released 0.1.0, the first beta release, which includes engine parameters and an engine mod matrix accessible via the Norns parameters menu.

I can’t guarantee when I’ll work on this next, due to life stuff, but I was bored at work so here you go.


Check the section of this CBC Ideas podcast episode on orbital rhythm, from about 26 minutes until 42 minutes 30 secs.

SYSTEM Sounds the science band is on YouTube, and I’m thinking about TidalCycles as well.

“(Not entirely) outdated cosmology in service of composition” :wink:


Thanks for sharing. Got pulled to this thread from podcast recommendations and giving Quintessence a spin.

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