Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media


That is how I feel as well.

I was spurred into putting some more of my thoughts down by this topic—not wanting to send it any further afield I started a new one: If ever I would stop (TAMAP)


I sincerely wish my experience on Muffs over the past 7 years has been anything like your experience there. Honestly, the way you describe it, it sounds amazing. But I have friends who would be such an asset yet don’t feel comfortable participating because they’re women. They never post because they see for themselves how people behave. I understand that Muffs must be awesome for some people, but like it or not, from their perspective 99.99% of the membership would tend to dismiss their concerns.


Muffs is hands down the best resource for modular info on the internet. I use it more as a library now (using the search) and don’t post too often. When i started getting into modular about 7 years ago, it was invaluable. The B/S/T section is invaluable. I think you also need to differenciate between the different sections. I goto the Ciat / Buchla / DIY / Modular Synth General / Eurorack sections. I think the Euro section is what a lot of people are referring to in the above comments. It can get fiesty on rare occasions, but 99% of the time its fine. I think its got what i call more “gearsluttish” in recent years, i think thats down to the popularity of Euro and more people from other forums being involved. I welcome the ban on political talk - its a synth site! Take that stuff elsewhere, it just causes fights and disharmony.

On a side note, i’ve not been using Facebook very long, maybe 1 year? I realised quite quickly i needed to narrow down what i was seeing in my timeline. The US general election was the perfect example - i unfollowed / unfriended multiple offenders posting about politics (on both political sides). Brexit was the same. Seriously, i’m not interesting in their personal political views clogging up my timeline and ruining my day. Its my life and i choose what i want to see. Similar to what the news corporations choose what they want you to see. Everyone has their own agenda.

The good thing i like about facebook is keeping up with family which i have dotted around the world. Also the groups sections, there are is some good stuff on there especailly the Modular DIY and Ciat groups. I have 2 facebook accounts - 1 for direct family and a few close friends, 1 for modular stuff, general news and interests. I don’t mix the 2.

I like Instagram - modular synth vids and Cats all day, no snide comments, minimal talk, a lot simpler and rewarding.

This site is good also, but it can get very techy for me. Theres seems to be a lot of computer geeks and coders to the fore and very poltical savvy people also. It seems less about the music and more about the tech. It can be a little intimidating to the less computer literate guys, but still everyone here is friendly and helpful.

The reason i left the monome site 7 or so years ago - i wasn’t making any music, just beta testing peoples monome creations on a laptop with 101 different VST and VSTi. Music making wasn’t fun.

I came back recently to Monome (i dug out by 40h) for the modular modules. I’m more into the making music side and less about the computer / programming side. The fact i could use my monome again, without it being attached to an email machine on which i wrote crap music previously, brought me back :slight_smile:


Tell them they need a Polymoog, and that nothing else will do. They’ll kill themselves trying to find one. Or they’ll want to once they do. :grin:


I like Instagram less and less all the time. I use the explore function to find new feeds to follow – it used to (seem to at least) be well-curated collections of interesting images and now it’s all memes and people selling things. I try to use the “see fewer posts like this” but I can’t seem to get rid of them. In this case, algorithms be damned. :unamused:


I liked Copy/Exploit of the chaotic dubbed: ‘Facebook’ for awhile, but now its boring and depressing…

So I am more than certain I will be here more than often. Its uplifting here.

Not 1 damn post about Nazi + Trump + Fear Mongering = Positive atmosphere.

Don’t get me wrong, Chaos delivers hidden awesome too, but its time I may permanent go off fb.
(contact in person is better networking form exp +)

Probably something shared across minds already here… I try to stay zen yet prankster, and I just want to express gratitude here. You all rock.


Pro tip: when your deleting your accounts, add a lot of noise to your dataset to prevent future abuse of the data. For example by tagging yourself in stock photos :wink:


I just spent way too long watching that trying to work out the pattern.


Closed my fb account… not good for social events I’m involved… but just had to take a break.


To be honest, I find it less awkward to sell stuff on eBay or Reverb. While I haven’t had any bad experiences selling or buying on MW, there’s a lot of needless back-and-forth communication with the archaic phpbb PM system.


I quit it about four years ago. Very happy I did.


I have been viewing MW for around 3 years, but only made 31 posts. I use it as a resource and have found it very useful. Maybe I have had blinkers on but have never really come across any of these nasty posts people are discussing here and have found responses positive, though have followed the links shown here and see what you mean. I get the feeling this can of bs is everywhere on the net, though haven’t seen it here :wink: Regarding the name, I never thought about it too much, just thought it was gobbledygook, like purple monkey dishwasher or something. People can get too PC sometimes, maybe I’m just ignorant.

As regards quitting other SM I haven’t posted anything general on FB for a couple of years, I only use it as a music promotional tool, posting about new releases, gigs, etc. I use a chrome extension to hide the newsfeed so I don’t get tempted. The only page I visit a lot is the Modular trades group, a necessary evil :slight_smile:


As someone who learned a lot about modular synthesis from MW, I would encourage others not to overfocus on the crude behavior of a few of its members. It’s a great archive of knowledge, and I generally see lots of helpful people just trying to share what they know. Plus, I think it’s better to have people push up against discriminatory/chauvinistic behavior in service of a better forum than to let it go unchecked.


I left this page but hit the back button to come back and quote post this as I pondered the importance and consequence of what you just said. And 20 characters.


Not totally on topic, but somewhat…

Lately I’ve been thinking about the mindless/compulsive checking I do of Facebook on my phone. The appeal of the smart phone (as a child who loved Penny/Inspector Gadget) was a compact computer and phone. Lately, I’m not sure if the mini-computer aspect has been that productive. I just end up checking endlessly because ‘I have a minute’. I think a lot of this has increased my anxiety in the post-Trump society. As an American history teacher I’m in the unenviable position of sort of having to keep up despite my daily dread at the prospect.

Further, the built-in obsolescence of phones (and tech in general anymore) has become really pretty insulting. Increasingly, I feel like we’re all suckers encouraged to be endless consumers. So I’ve sort of vowed to try to drag my current phone out as long as possible while I evaluate how worthwhile it all is.

In the meantime, I deleted Facebook and the messenger off my phone in hopes of simplifying things and I’ve been pondering some sort of compact camera, because that’s another really important function of the smart phone now. So if anyone has any suggestions on affordable and compact cameras, I’m all ears :slight_smile: I have no money really right now, but I really treasure being able to quickly capture moments with my phone camera and I’d definitely want to sort out a solution if I ditch the smart phone or accept using a really slow older one that functions more as a basic web browser, texting, and phone.

Anyway, to bring it back on topic: I think social media has increased the weight of the darkness of the world as I’m bombarded by shitty news as I scroll.


I’ll raise my hand too, removing myself from Facebook three months ago has been incredibly positive. But I suspect it will take time for ill effects to wear off :hopeful:


I found deleting the Facebook app off my phone was enough to get rid of a lot of mindless scrolling. Then I can only use it when I’m on the computer, or in a pinch if I want to post a photo to relatives / friends I can always use the browser version… but it’s not convenient enough to just randomly scroll around on. I also recently removed the Twitter app since that’s another big culprit for me. Hoping to be able to pass the time on transit by reading longer-form articles saved in my browser or eBooks instead.


I deleted my account in 2011 and never looked back.


I usually have a really nice camera with me (Fuji XT-10) but I still end up taking some photos with my phone. The cameras in modern smartphones are of good enough quality and easy enough to use to be very good visual notepads, basically. For “proper” photos I much prefer my real camera but the phone is often faster to get to and for many things it’s extremely convenient.


They clearly have to make smartphones with only a camera on it :slight_smile: