Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media


I didn’t save it and can’t find it now, but a couple of weeks ago I saw an article saying that Facebook acknowledge that using it makes people depressed…but only if they lurk. Once they start hitting the “like” button (and feeding Facebook’s social-profiling machine), suddenly they were happier!


haha, sure! of course facebook says that. though there is some truth in it.
Again, another article I read some time ago but which I can’t find anymore (I should save them somewhere I guess) got quite into the subject, but I can only remember bits of it. Anyway the (oversimplified) essence of it was that social interaction does make us happy (endorphines being produced) and socialmedia is kind of the canned, synthetic version of it, which feels like the real thing but never really satisfies your need… which also explains why people get hooked on it.



@papernoise Yes! I think of it as junk food. It can be more exciting than regular food (consider a bag of sour cream & onion chips vs. boring old chicken), but it’s not actually satisfying, and overuse can exactly deprive you of real nutrients.

I went on a social media fast for a month or so. The funny thing about Facebook is that I didn’t actually miss anything. Logging in multiple times a day or not logging in at all made no actual difference in my life (with the exception that when I was a performing musician, people contacted me for gigs through Facebook)

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And if regulation never arrives, the other remedy I can suggest is RSS. RSS did Facebook and Twitter’s job before they existed, and it could do their job again after they fall.


Big fan of RSS. Much more pleasant/directional paradigm.
It’s a shame it’s not nearly as popular as it should be.


Everybody is different with these things, but I think one can live with social media, using them for what they are useful for, without having them ruin your life. I went through different phases of being intrigues, getting addicted, hating it, wanting to delete my profile, not doing it because for various reasons I need it anyway and ultimately just being bored by it.
I now log onto facebook from time to time (usually once a day, but sometimes less than that), I have a bookmark that opens the messenger view of facebook so I can check if somebody contacted me, then I check if somebody tagged me or replied to something I’ve posted, then I close the tab and forget about it for the rest of the day. I very rarely open the main feed view.
I don’t have to force myself to do it, it just came natural after some time. There is people writing/sharing interesting things on it, but I found that there’s there’s way better ways to keep in touch with people, discuss important matters, find interesting and inspiring things, etc. so I just use facebook for what I absolutely need and don’t think much about all the rest.

This said +1 for RSS and blogs!


I use feedbin. Prior to that I was an Inoreader and Feedly user. All three work really well.


My general problem with social media also creeps in to the forums I thoroughly love and that is the intrusion of those who apparently believe that civility isn’t required.

Call me too sensitive or a snowflake but my empathy for others when someone becomes hostile is similar to how my vertigo is triggered when watching some kid jump around a crane perched atop a 100 story building that’s under construction. I cringe when an opinionated user starts dumping on people who are genuinely trying to add something useful to culture while in their vitriolic seething they only see what they characterize as broken or f$#%*d up because the situation doesn’t fit their immediate use case or cultural bias.

On the other side of my issues with social media are the inanities that are a part of life, we must tolerate them on a daily basis if we have any business or social life and so it is on social media too. Just as I must make the decision once someone outs themselves as racist to not to talk or work with them, I take the same stance with social media with the “BAN” and “BLOCK” options. Unfortunately this doesn’t exist on all platforms.

I find too much valid information on most sources to outright ignore them, for example on Muffwiggler I subscribe to threads that pertain to particular modules I own. Twice a day, sometimes more frequently, I hit update and see if anyone update one of those 59 threads I’m subscribed to while ignoring the broader Eurorack category and everything in the levels above that.

Even here on Lines I have the ability to MUTE threads.

Maybe the first step in managing our manic behaviors regarding social media is understanding that we have management tools that can help in the process. Thanks to the posters who shared FB Purity and Privacy Badger hints, I need to head over and learn about those now.


I just deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I haven’t logged into IG since October, but I was a little scared to pull the trigger on FB. There are some things I’ll miss, but mostly I feel it is a lot of noise and a distraction and have ways of getting in touch with people by email or phone.


I did back in 2014 and it was the best move ever. I got my time and my private life back. Because although I never posted anything personal except my work and gigs, it is still a weird window into other people’s personal lives (babies, weddings, funerals, et al.). And when I installed Little Snitch I realized I was still in FB in a way. So yep, if you are against the surveillance zeitgeist as I am, it is good to step out of it or to never start as you did.
PS: Impro gigs went down dramatically but composing got more serious. Quality over quantity I guess :slight_smile:


Using little snitch is a great idea!


Thank you. It is great. When I first installed and opened Pages to write some stuff, LS warned me of Amazon, some AOL site, FB and Ebay trying to enter my Mac. Browser totally closed. Real story.


Many thanks for the Social Book Post Manager tip. How nice it is to have a wiped profile!


That’s weird. I guess Apple is selling stuff to these people then. Never happened to me with the software I use (but I don’t use Pages).
Did you check your computer for Malwave?


Are you sure its Pages? Could be other apps as well… Or maybe even osx itself if you logged in with FB in “Preferences > Accounts”


Use ScriptSafe or uMatrix, so you have control over what is pulled in on certain websites. It’s like a outgoing firewall for your web browser. Easy to block all social media embeds/tracking :slight_smile:


Also worth using: Privacy Badger! It only blocks the cookies, but it’s easy to set up and manage https://www.eff.org/privacybadger

As opposed to Little Snitch which at the beginning is like a second job, with hundreds of requests popping up every time you open an application or visit a website.


I have successfully quit Facebook in 2014, and never missed it.