Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media


I only look at Facebook at the weekends. By Tuesday it is already panicking and lying to me about having messages.


Yeah, I used that Social Book Post Manager extension, but I think it just removes them from your timeline. The posts still exist because the ‘on this day’ crap still pops up. SO, I’ve been manually deleting them every day basically since the new year.

I still check FB, but removed it from my phone, and have posted a handful of times in the past since early December. Mostly ‘please donate to the dachshund rescue’ pleas or ‘I’m selling a few modules’ posts. It wasn’t even that hard to ignore the compulsion to post random political or ‘hey, this record/book/interview/whatever rules’ kinds of posts.

Of course I still use Instagram for hedgehogs and dachshund happy pics and Twitter for news/music stuff…



i have had a love hate relationship with facebook since day one. i still have a personal fb page because its needed (or was) to host a musician page (which i rarely update and no one cares) - so my only friend is currently my wife. recently though, i’ve been considering diving back into it only to connect to a core group of people (ie family, old bandmates) but looking back at the timeline i thought damn what was i thinking/talking about and how can i delete all this garbage at once…

so, might have to look into that SBPManager extension.

…AND not having facebook is great in terms of filtering out the garbage of life, but man has it complicated booking a tour! (though its definitely easier now than it used to be (ie calling/scaming long distance numbers for a dude named “jeff from atlanta” on the back of a show flyer)


I got rid of Facebook in 2013. Based on my network covering very different communities, I couldn’t be open about a lot of things. I never posted or shared anything of substance, basically I used it more like a personal LinkedIn with follow-up contacts over messaging and email.

I was much more active messaging on Skype, and the network was better. But around 2013 most of us had fallen off.

I have mixed feelings today. First, I really have lost touch with some people. I wonder how they are doing and have no real way to contact them. Just the other day I ran into someone who assumed I was back at the same position/city that I had left in 2010. Second, I had a number of people who have probably gone full alt-right, and not being in contact means I didn’t do a damn thing to stop it, not that I did anything but ignore them back then.


I wonder what’s the deal with Reddit though… it seems to be the most “old media” of these services, kind of like the old Usenet groups, although the really interesting topics are always just short of critical mass. I guess I don’t see the evil.


I did check and no malaware. Although I lived in London back then and used this BT cloud service. Might be related? I dunno. Still scary to open an “offline” software and get all these connection attempts.


I am sure, I remember the shock lol. Turned on Mac, opened Pages, LS warnings coming in. Checked with a hacker friend, was not surprised. Although might be a BT-UK thing? Rarely happened to me in Santiago when testing switching off LS with Pages. It did happen with Microsoft Office because of online suscription obviously, not happy with that either. I have to turn LS off and on again or plainly turn off wifi.


And FB wiped out of the system too an expert friend set it out. I myself am no expert but I realized via working with LS some softwares and SM-shopping servers are linked together unknowinly to their users. Mozilla Firefox has an interesting series of videos on this I am sure you all know them.


facebook has been very kind to me over the past few years. I’ve made many meaningful friendships, opportunities and connections, gotten many gigs and learned quite a bit about synthesis through my conversations on facebook. It’s a great way to connect with the minds behind my favorite synthesizer companies.

That being said it requires quite a bit of moderation and purposeful use, like any other tool, to make sure that I don’t get sucked into it. Instagram and Facebook have a tendency to make me care too much about what I’m buying, what videos I can create to get more likes and followers, and what everyone else is doing, instead of making actually meaningful compositions.

My biggest mistake was thinking that I needed to post something on social media every day to be a meaningful artist and putting too much weight on my follower count and engagement percentages. I think this was a side effect of working a few internships in social media and public relations where my job was to grow the online presence of a business. Now, I realize how silly it is to apply strict business tactics to my artwork, so now I focus on making music that means something to me, instead of making music for appearances.


It is definitely time.


With facebook just being facebook and noticing how I (casual observation) like Discourse and the sort of discussion it lends itself to I’m curious to know if:

  • When you do event invites for record swaps or releases, birthday parties, baby showers, concerts, warehouse dances - if you were to organise either of these would or do you already venture outside of facebook? (other than email and direct messaging)

  • Your experience with Discourse is that it is mostly for community and niche interests or if there are examples where (Discourse) forum style discussions are held more broadly - even more inclusive - with wildly opposing views and different subjects? City and world culture, world events, trades.

I guess some tradeoffs would be anchoring in personal identity, and missing out on some entertaining, instinctive, banter and possibly picture posting. (Some of these are also already elsewhere).


I have seriously considered launching a friends and family Discourse instance.


There’s been talk amongst the experimental/free improv community in London on Facebook about how to avoid/minimise clashes of shows due to oversaturation of the scene. Some folk have suggested a page like Echtzeitmusik but I wonder if a Discourse site could work as primarily a gigs listings host.


There’s a FB group export script at the Discourse meta forum. I’ve been meaning to give it a go, and if it works, start offering it to every FB group I participate in. =)

Discourse hosting is pretty cheap nowadays too. It used to be much more expensive because the non-LAMP-dependencies.


(puts up hand from back of class)

what is Discourse? I see it mentioned alot but never with much context.


It’s the forum software that lines runs on.


Ah I see…

So like a forum for yourself?


it could be called jjjjjjjjason


llllllllol is a complete sentence containing more than 20 characters.

Edit: in seriousness I was thinking of calling it “etcetera” and then playing around with the &c ligature for the logo. Topics would reflect my ridiculously eclectic interests. Was thinking of calling it “off topic” but etcetera gets the point across with more interesting typography.


A related link I’ll drop here to read later. Might have some useful thoughts.