Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media


yeah, deleting the apps off of my phone was the catalyst for me too. It was a strange revelation, realizing, as I would go to open apps that were no longer there, how much time I spent on them doing nothing in particular!


I was reading this post as it got deleted. Spooky!


Happy Birthday @cmcavoy! You are sure to barely remember me now! I hope you have a great day!


As much as I regret starting this thread, and the directions it sometimes takes, I do really enjoy the fact that we can use it to say Happy Birthday to you.


I use Tweetbot quite heavily. With Twitter removing access to the streaming API, and Tweetbot removing the activity tab, I’m taking the opportunity to try and care less about the “performance” of my own feed.


I guess that’s ultimately the bummer about where the big social networks have gone, there’s pieces of it that can be really fun, but the costs can be overwhelming.

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!


Happy belated birthday cmcavoy!

Is anyone else on a Mastodon instance? Conceptually it’s neat to have disconnected bubbles of a similar network, although it’s still young so it’s harder to use in my opinion. But that freshness is kind of nice. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s essentially Twitter instances hosted by individuals that can communicated between instances (so I could follow someone hosted elsewhere and vice versa).


Of all the new platforms Mastodon and Amino seem most interesting, but I haven’t yet had a specific reason to join either. How has your experience been so far? Are there really positive music/art things emerging that just don’t happen with Twitter? Or at least an indefinable bandcamp/flickr effect where all the interesting stuff tends to congregate, but it’s hard to figure out exactly why?


I signed up last night, so far only one person I know personally on there. I’m here: https://mastodon.cloud/@philmaguire


The “infinite scroll” might be the chief evil of Facebook. I realized I didnt care about anything on there yet I kept going back for more. Solution: unsubscribe from every single thing on the feed. You are still “on Facebook” and keep all your friends but no more feed! (It takes a few hours to manually unsubscribe from everything but I promise there is a bottom. Don’t tell zuckerburger)


I think the intent is to create deeper relationships rather than just selling your online persona/your brand like one does on Twitter/FB. I’ve actually had a few people get driven to listen to my stuff from Mastodon but I did know most of them from Twitter. However, working in a smaller, less filled out space allows messages to get through in a different way. You’re approached as more of a person than another voice yelling into the void. Although that was during the first exodus many months ago, so who knows what this exodus from Twitter will cause.

It’s fun but I’m a little tired of juggling all these websites. I miss the days when you could get a global ezBoard account and use it on all boards. My age is showing here.


I miss LiveJournal in the days before everyone I knew online switched over to Facebook (which is about the same time it was bought by a Russian company). We would write posts with some length and substance, long stories about who we were, what we did, what we hoped for, what we believed. We got personal. It was much less about sharing links and doing quizzes virally (though that did happen some) and more… really a journal. There wasn’t a social obligation to share with people you might not want to open up to, and the site operated via membership fees rather than inserting ads everywhere and selling your information and manipulating your “engagement.”


I communicated with some wonderful people through LJ and there was always a bit of a thrill when you’d meet up with someone and read a detailed account about it the day after. I mostly miss the physical element though- back then I ended up sending lots of long letters back and forth between people and once I received a box full of art and photographs from New Jersey.

Twitter can’t help but seem impersonal and fleeting in comparison, though I suppose this is largely by design.


There’s a Chrome extension that blanks out the news feed too. I had it installed once, but can’t remember what it was called!


Quit facebook a long time ago. The account is still there, but no logins except twice a year to untag me from images or posts.

I dont like the walled garden. The internet has much to offer besides the facebook content.

Still using twitter, instagram and mastodon.
Twitter for kitten photos, news about record labels and stuff, instagram for stuff like keeping up with friends and mastodon because i really liked the premise.
Mastodon lacks the ammount of info i have from twitter…



Question for those using mastodon:

@philmaguire posted a link to his profile on mastodon.cloud, then @bgc posted a link to a profile on mastodon.social. These seem to be totally separate instances, and I can’t follow both people from my single mastodon account… that feels broken and doesn’t seem like it’ll lead to a thriving network… am I missing something?

Edit: Oh, I think I figured something out. I can follow people on other mastodon instances using my full name (emenel@mastodon.cloud) … I still don’t fully grok the point of multiple “generic” instances, but can see how you might setup instances for specific types of communities.


Honestly I don’t fully understand it yet!


This video (from four years ago!) featuring my friend and colleague is the best breakdown of what happened and how to make things better.


I never fully grasped the way it works…
I think you can have multiple instances and different rules for the instance.
I know you can interact with users from distinct instances as well


But they only KNOW it’s your birthday because Facebook reminds them. Are they really your friends? Might be.