Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media


I’m starting to think about maybe really quitting it.

(I say that in the full knowledge that I intend to log in about half an hour from now when I get home from work, specifically to post a link to this very article.)


The world is getting really scary…


Does anybody have a tip for a free (as in freedom) service to run a small mailing list on?
I’m not looking for an email marketing solution like Mailchimp, rather for an old-school discussion group that works via email.
It’s become surprisingly hard to find something basic and simple like this nowadays…


only two i can think of are Mailman and groupserver. Unfortunately neither of them seems very straightforward to set up.

On the “quitting social media” topic, a helper solution has been developped : http://suicidemachine.org (i thought it had been already mentioned here but apparently this isn’t the case)


I’m on an alt photo mailing list that appears pretty old school…but it looks to be using mailman on webfaction. Maybe the person running the list could offer advice? alt-photo-process-list-owner@lists.altphotolist.org


Thanks a lot for the tips!
In the meantime I found this, which seems like something that goes in the right direction:


Google Groups? I use it regularly. It’s a lot like GNU mailman but you don’t need your own server.


seriously considering only using twitter via my buffer queue since tweets by people i’ve unfollowed show up almost as often as before (so and so liked X’s tweet. as if I care?)


That’s funny because I recently unfollowed a Twitter account that just got too consistently grating in its sense of humor/cynicism/hater-ism and many tweets continue to pop up because so many friends follow and are friends with the person behind the account and like the tweets. I wish all social media were more customizable at least :confused:


I got rid of FB altogether, but what really helped me was disabling retweets on Twitter. A lot of really otherwise-thoughtful people will RT inane stuff without comment. Disabling RTs for those guys when they pop up really cleaned up my stream.


@emenel, @bradleyallen,

I found this really helpful in explaining the core concept behind Mastodon, apparently already 10 years old:

also, a directory of interesting instances, would be very cool to see how this grows, maybe hopefully get some more music stuff on there (I’m reminded of the earliest versions of the yahoo web directory):


there is hope!!!


I’m not going to start complaining about another forum at this point, so instead:

I just want to express my appreciation for Lines. For the moderators’ care in keeping it pruned and welcoming, and for its participants’ open-mindedness and the interesting contributions they make.


So… I have an instance. I’ve had it for around month. soc .mod-12 .com This was a great idea until I realized that I am not sure how committed I am to keeping the instance forever. Anyway, the point of that is… I have an instance and I even want it to be music and art themed. If you are ok with the fact that a plain old person who might, someday, lose interest in paying runs it… I’m ok with inviting you.


I’ve been on FB for years (and @Angela just went off again), but I’ve been a concerted effort to minimize my Twitter checking too. I do follow some news stuff on there, and interesting people, but I found I would just get riled up about stuff I actually don’t care or have an opinion about. (don’t get me wrong, there’s lots to be upset about, but I’m not really talking about that stuff)

Much more, I think the way that ‘trending’ and promotion of tweets works is the opposite of what I would like from something, as when something newsworthy happens, your exposure to it becomes 100%, and sets in saturation.

I also think there’s some kind of drama/outrage ‘circadian rhythm’ that gets abused by this kind of feedback system where there is constantly something to get outraged about… until the next one, with the previous one disappearing. It’s like permanent alarm. Exhausting.

So yeah, I’ve dialled back Twitter use and feel I still have the same amount of news and info, but less saturation/exhaustion from it.

(its also interesting seeing how Twitter deals with this, as I now get “notifications” that aren’t actual notifications, they are just “did you miss this tweet”, which has had the unintended effect of me never clicking my notification icon anymore since I know it’s not real)


I’m off Facebook/ Twitter/ insta my friends took time to get used to having to call me for plans etc and it’s been ace


I’ve really had it with notifications for unimportant things – usually trying to “increase engagement” with an app or get you to buy stuff. Bandcamp is bad about it by default (somebody you nvever heard of has a new release!) and AccuWeather did it once or twice daily, labeling them as severe weather alerts and still doing it after I supposedly turned them off.

The only notifications I want are for actual text messages or email. Email itself has enough useless distractions even with spam filters in place.

Also not everything is breaking news, top priority, drop-everything important. I really am tired of everything screaming for attention just to get the chance to advertise to me.


That is true, though I personally give BC a pass more than other platforms since they are largely about independent artists and labels and the recommendations lead me to financially supporting a lot of cool music I might not have otherwise. I know BC takes a cut and there motives are not purely altruistic, but from what I understand the artists get a much larger cut than Spotify, Apple Music, etc. and seem a lot less exploitative.


This is extremely true. I put the niche, completely unmarketed music that I make on Bandcamp and on streaming services through DistroKid. Bandcamp has bought me a few meals, but streaming has yet to pay for a single beer.

Bandcamp’s my preferred way to support artists I especially like, and I occasionally browse through it to see if anything new catches my attention. But I still don’t want the app interrupting music I’m listening to in the car to tell me that somebody has a new release (and following it up with an email to tell me the same thing, which generates a second notification).


Ah, I have disable almost all of the notifications on my phone and just get the emails. I would be super annoyed with this as well.


well rule #1 to survive the attention drain that the internet has become: disable any type of notification anywhere forever! :slight_smile: