Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media


Are.na is a cool social media-ish site. No Algorithms, respects privacy. Takes a hang to get used to but I like it a lot


Another one bites the dust… now I’m really glad I never signed up… somehow I don’t think Tumblr will be the last company to do something like this.

Any more, and we’ll see all of social media become completely decentralized… and if it can no longer work with the App Store, all the better.

But the problem remains – how do groups who have no choice but to operate independently talk to one another? The new decentralized media may allow them to exist – we need that – but how do they reach out and become more widely understood? If everything becomes private language and secret handshakes, how in the long run are we any better off? Don’t we just make all of the divisions worse?


I was concerned when I clicked “pricing” but I don’t hate that pricing model at all


I’m on Are.na and love the platform, but still haven’t really figured out what I want to use it for or how to get the most out of it.

@julio any tips?

You can find me as emenel on there too.


it’s the virtual equivalent of inhaling a cloud of frankincense-infused water vapour


Im figuring it out myself but I would look at this Dev Channel for cool tips


The hits just keep coming. I figure most of the people on top of this topic are aware of the piece, but just in case…


I’m a big fan of are.na as well. In addition the default feed, I like to check in from time to time using their ‘random block’ URL:

I use it mainly for image-based cataloging, and some personal music notes / inspiration.

If you’d like to be included as a collaborator on the music ideas channel drop me a line!


With MW’s most recent call for funding help came concerns about transparency, the technical fragility, the “bus factor”, and the idea that a community-funded site should probably have more community input into how it’s managed and what ideals are being represented.

While having doubts, I went ahead and donated a little, thinking to err on the side of generosity. But I also expressed my concerns, and got jumped on for it. The words “snowflake” and “SJW” were not actually used, but might as well have been.

It’s clear that hundreds of dollars have been donated already, and it seems likely the stated funding shortfall has long since been passed, but I doubt we will ever know. I wouldn’t begrudge Mike living off the Patreon funds so long as it felt like he was really working on things rather than acting mainly as a rentier, and if he showed any interest at all in making it a less unnecessarily problematic community.

I thought about what would happen if MW shuts down. There are ways to archive all that content. There have been earnest attempts to start new communities that aimed to be what MW should be, but they never picked up steam because MW still exists. There are smaller and more welcoming yet active communities, of which this is my favorite. There are other learning resources, places to find opinions and demos and patching tips, and perhaps more than enough places for news and announcements. And I can find something else to fill some of my idle time during the workday, and go home to patch and make music. :slight_smile: So really, I’m not sure the MW forums fizzling out would be an awful thing.

So I cancelled my meager Patreon subscription and backed up my “journey” thread over there. Like with Facebook, I’m not quitting as such, but disengaging to whatever degree seems comfortable.


I offered to double my Patreon sub in exchange for banning JohnLRice, and my post was swiftly deleted by lisa. Funny how the moderation works quick when it’s defending the shittiness of the old guard.

The common defense of “if you don’t like it, go build a community elsewhere” presupposes that MW is a community. It’s not; it’s just a message board. Turns out that “do you like bleepy-bloop machines, Y/N? BTW no politics” is not a sufficient screening process for constructive participation.

I look forward to the day when archive.org is the only way to interact with that site.


Every community site eventually organizes to protect the old guard, consciously or not. (I expect this one will someday, and I think it might have been lucky that the old monome forum turned into something else when it did, although it did so for other reasons.)


The forum has an overdue balance of $1784.19 which is due by Dec. 31 or they will be pulling the plug on the site.

I would really love to see traffic numbers on MW. That number feels absurd for anything less than several months.


I offered to double my Patreon sub in exchange for banning JohnLRice

Heh… I saw that and had a chuckle. If I were a moderator I might have thought about taking it down, but I’d have nuked JLR’s uncalled-for hostility in an eyeblink already.

His attitude (I’ve noticed before) is pretty representative of MW: sometimes shares valuable experience and insight, but is totally unable to imagine/believe/care that anything he thinks is “fine” or “funny” can negatively affect other people. He’s posted in support of the Synthrotek guy, for instance. :roll_eyes:


It’s a shame- there is in fact so much good information on there, but it’s hidden among a strange community of some very out of touch wealthy older gentlemen who say some very strange and uncomfortable things, I just can’t stand to go there anymore. The general culture of that site seems to be less about creativity, sharing, music-making, and more about the “collecting shiny new baseball cards” aspect of eurorack. And I’ve definitely been on the receiving end of some very odd or condescending remarks from strange men with walls of modular.

Between the name itself, the general vibe and culture of the community, the circa 2000 forum technology, combined with the fact that there is no discernible “moderation…”

…a quick peek at the forum reveals that there is currently a thread going called “worse than pokemon” in which there’s a poll asking of eurorack is “worse than pokemon.” And it’s been up since Tuesday. Yikes.

I am definitely of the belief that that site going under would be a positive thing for the community.

I will add to that- the subject of that site’s toxicity has come up often and been brought to the attention of those in charge, as well as doing something about the forum technology and the name- and time and again they have displayed no interest in listening to any of those requests over the years from many users.


I would never support that site.

It’s a necessity for B/S/T and the DIY forum is still great, but MW has become toxic and for exactly the reasons you outline.

For me the toxicity means I would never be able to share anything about my own project, so why bother?

Mike was cool once, he had a way of defusing things, but he’s been absent for like the last 7 years.


The truly absurd thing about MW and GS is that the names had become so familiar that they lost meaning and I really only thought of how depressing they were when Mylar Melodies brought it up on his podcast. Would I direct my sons or daughters to either place as repositories of information? “Just go to Gear Slutz…” Regardless of how useful they are and have been to me over the years, it’s tough to justify, which is a massive shame.


I refuse to type out M*** W****** even when referring to it on that forum. I just can’t.


Honestly the name while already very problematic is the least of the problems. If it’s just wiggler or something entirely different, you still have the same toxic posters with their bigoted comments, the same moderators who never remove those comments even when they are flagged, the same overall toxic atmosphere. Nothing changes… of course the name played a role in enabling the toxicity, but it’s like a hysteresis function, you don’t get a welcoming forum just by fixing the name.

You still have the fact that basically none of the “leaders” in the contemporary modular/ambient world, nor people featured in IDOW for that matter, post to MW. Not that a forum should be about that, but it’s not a good look when there’s zero representation.

GS would actually benefit from the name change, since it’s actually a much less toxic environment.


I concur to GS being less toxic…after all its about clout on this forum. BUYBUYNEEDNEED…these were the days of 2000/03 within Dogsonacid.com ////a place in internet hell today-a very busy/creative place then


And i still got mad props on Dogsonacid coz i joined 2001…thats all we were looking at then: WHEN DID U JOIN???