Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media


Ah. Didn’t know that.

Is that Daniel?


No, that’s David Dixon. He’s not one of the main engineers at Intellijel, and in fact he’s not even an employee. He’s done analog oscillator and filter designs (and a few other analog circuits like the µMod in the past), but otherwise most of the modules are designed by Danjel and myself + a few other collaborators on a per-project basis.


thanks for setting the record straight


Indeed, yes, thank you for straightening that out. Thumbs up emoticon.


Excuse me hijacking the thread but was just thinking that a 1U tile converting 1/8" to banana would make those 4U cases mightily attractive, to me at least…


I hate to say this, but you’re on a thread discussing how much everyone dislikes MuffWigglers… personally I don’t find it particularly pretty.

I’m not trying to say that either Reddit of Muffs are shining beacons on the Internet, but I don’t think denigrating them or calling out individuals reflects well on us.

edit: to the OP, I believe you need to ask to have your posts deleted on MW and there are browser plugins to do the same for Reddit. We all have websites that we need to stop using as they can end up hindering our personal development, and if deleting your posts help you do that, then go for it! I have no idea if those posts will be missed, but I’d still caution against taking such action out of malice or to make a statement.


particularly since many of us still use MW

i dont want to downplay the problems experienced and desire to vent

it just feels weird to have a whole thread . its like talking about all the things you hate about your hometown in a room with friends who still live there


Fair point. I guess I meant specifically that I haven’t seen ugliness directed at individuals.


I haven’t logged into MW in awhile.

I still participate in the Synthesizers subreddit and occasionally have interesting or amusing discussions there. It does get a bit repetitive since the conversations are rarely about anything other than gear.

One thing I appreciate about Lines is that people don’t make sexual references about gear (or at least I haven’t seen it), which I find to be incredibly off-putting. Also, the need for people to constantly bash their wives or talk about lying to them. I’m really sick of the gross boys’ club vibe and rampant sexism of most forums.


Regarding quitting Reddit, I did it a few weeks ago, really easy process to delete your account (you can’t delete old posts though). I quit for no other reason than I was just killing time there with few new things to discover, felt like I could find more productive things to do. Deleted my Instagram account for the same reason.

As for quitting Muffs, I’ve found just deleting any bookmarks to it reduced my visits to almost nothing, mostly a matter of breaking habits. There was a good year, maybe two (hard to say, I’ve been there so long), where I maybe looked at it once every few months just to see if there’s anything new.

There’s good info and friendly helpful people there, it’s just in many ways overwhelmed by its success and the growth/success of eurorack broadly. I find I’m happiest with the experience there by just skimming the general gear/guitar fx/software forums for news. Ignoring most of what goes on there is the quickest path to peace. The bad faith developer witch hunts that crop up now and again are the things I find most spirit-crushing, even if I guess they serve a consumer utility.


this. honestly.

while it’s sometimes important to analyze populations as a whole, given the small group it’s best to consider us all as a collection of individuals.


Does it make sense to remove this thread?

I don’t think anybody really meant any harm here, but I can appreciate @sam’s point.


MW was one of the very few communities where i felt welcomed to post no matter how naive my questions could sound. and that was due to people being super helpful even to novices and the shared sense of wonder and excitement - something that i feel lines shares as well, actually.

i agree with @sam’s sentiment and i don’t think it’s helpful to witch hunt or call people out, but i think it’s also important to understand why some people prefer to stay away from MW. sexism and how the discussion around it was handled meant, for me, that i can’t participate in MW as much as i used to. this does not take away all the good things about MW and is not meant as to say “this is why MW is bad”. but i feel it’s important to express that people might have personal reasons to avoid participation there.


I was active in the Buchla/Serge subforum on MW a while ago under a different nickname, and found it to be quite nice & mostly very polite. It’s the only place I know of to discuss these systems after e.g. the Egres Yahoo group for Serge users feel silent many years ago. For some reason I never visited the Eurorack subforum, so I can not comment on the discussions there.

Being active on a German synthesizer forum under yet another nickname I had to witness to how much stress, anger, animosity and plain ugliness unmoderated political discussions can lead to, so I do understand the no-politics rule on MW as a means to keep moderating efforts reasonable.

And compared to that German synthesizer forum, MW managed to maintain an atmosphere that allowed some folks to open up and talk about their really personal issues in a civilized manner (at least from my point of view), be it relationships, physical or mental health issues.


i’d let it be, in that worthy discussion comes out of it, and i’m not one for establishing a norm of itchy censorship whenever something is marginally (…not sure of the right adjective here)

i have a lot to say about this topic. but i really have to finish this tt/ansible update.

what this topic should really be about is community building. not an appraisal of a particular community, but the dynamics of online communities.


It should also be noted that it is very difficult to have vibrant discussion when many of the participants are using their second or third language. Humour is hard enough in the written word in a single language. The language I use here is far more carefully considered than the language I use corresponding with friends who know my sense of humour.


Honestly, my only point was to ask if anyone knew about deleting my account, and to say this felt like a much more enlightened, if intimidating, place. Threads like the one quoted, and another recently bumped up thread, which questions the identity of transgendered people repeatedly, brought the decision to a head. The slippery nature with which the behaviour is ignored in order to maintain community/brands makes it hard to talk about why I wanted to leave.

I have talked about it on Reddit, I’ve done so for what seems like years, but you can’t try and help correct MW - that falls on deaf ears.


I apologise for making that mistake, I’m sure you could see why I would think that, what with the Dixie and all.


I have just deleted my Reddit account, the second one in as many years. But deleting bookmarks doesn’t do enough for me to resist going back and trying to participate. I am on a kick at the moment of a bunch of big life changes and nuking accounts where I waste a bunch of time in toxic-ish communities was one step in a process of betterment.


It’s interesting that so many seem to have ONLY found gear-lust/consumerist vibes there. I scroll right past it.

Here are some things I love about MW:

  • The ‘what are you reading’ (or watching) type threads on the off-topic section. I assume Westworld even prompted a lengthy discussion on whether or not we’re living in a computer simulation. Kind of fun to read about!
  • Updates in the ‘artist discussion’ on peeps like Surgeon, Autechre, Keith Whitman, etc.
  • The threads like ‘your ah-ha moment’ or ‘what small discovery did you make today’…and then even more philosophical type posts like ‘why do you do it’ or ‘what do you hope to accomplish’ types of questions that make me think and question my process.
  • Finally, and most obviously, it’s an incredible resource of knowledge and wisdom on all the little gadgets we probably adore…

I’ll go from checking the site weekly to daily depending on how busy I am, but I could never imagine not finding useful aspects of that forum.