Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media

Hainbach’s black MIDI on a Yamaha Disklavier video was sponsored by corporate marketing and it rules.


Luckily there are always some exceptions:
Hainbach is great, definitely.
I got some of his cassettes too.

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Telephone Operator by David Neevel


I don’t think it’s luck. I think this is intentional. It makes me happy when talented people fleece corporations.


For sure it is!
I didn’t want to imply that it wasn’t intentional.
Probably my English it’s not so good.

I‘m not prepared to pay for half warm information…and that’s not to say that your (or any other) content is half warm-BUT most of non paid content is passionate (or you‘ll not follow it) and most of paid content is not worth the information-this needs to stop.
Can we not have MEGA content=some money and FEW dubious content and no money while we verify sources and make our own conclusions…aren‘t we individuals that crave content for a while and then leave it behind for whatever reason? What happened to the global village and its content? Again i won‘t critisize or judge your point of view.
The day someone tells me to pay for lines and its context, i‘m out-without remorse. This is me, my opinion😎

NO, in my books this is horrible. ‚Hai, i‘m Hainbach…‘ destroyed my relation to his really impressive Music. The videos just bore the shit out if me and i stopped buying his music because of this extended Youtube exposure. And i will continue buying @ Thomann‘s…point proven by the industry that conducted 1 of the most vile crosspromotion campaigns to date- it keeps me alert but i‘m not surprised

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dang that’s intense. of course capitalism is messed up and makes people do humiliating and messed up things, the gig economy and social media/“influencer” economy makes that more and more apparent every day. There are things that are cool about it, Hainbach and LMNC experimenting with test equipment (all of LMNC experiments, actually) are at least in part if not completely made possible by patreon’s and “selling” a version of themselves on the internet. the point being that that feedback loop of selling an image to gain funding to sell more of that image can be productive – I’m sure there are people on here who have had experience or have been around test equipment being used in musical applications, but for me that’s been my first and only exposure, and I’m sure a lot of people are in the same boat as me encountering new things through social media in a positive productive way despite the weird economics behind it. I’ll also add that as a millennial the weird economics of it don’t seem shady because they are blatantly obvious (this is not a purely generational thing, but in my experience people who grew up around the internet are more aware of what’s going on wrt ads disguised as news, spam, scams, etc). Sometimes it’s useful to have obviously paid-for content when you know that’s what you’re watching. Mostly I agree paid content tends to be less interesting, but idk – the “most vile crosspromotion campaign” seems like a wild thing to say about a bunch of folks who are passionate about music and get the opportunity to travel and hang out together. Everyone knows who benefits, it’s not very subtle, but still I’m happy for the lil youtubers who get to have fun and hopefully make a little bit of money (I’m sure they’re grossly underpaid for their labor like most creatives). Honestly if someone is tricked into buying a moog one… lol.

OF COURSE if it’s not your thing I’m not saying you have to watch it or you have to give them any respect, like, this is the internet do your thing, talk your shit, live your best life. I just personally can’t help feeling a bit happy for someone who can find something they enjoy doing and are talented at and make some money at it – even someone who seems like such a shill and is boring in a corporate way like bobeats, he is SO sincere and has a cute family and I never regret sending him a view and hoping he takes a couple of google’s coins off of that.


Actually like you said, i used to love their hustle and still do watch content of theirs, old and new.
With this synth reactor campaign by Thomann tho i started to unfollow ppl that were half cool in my books. The way this is orchestrated by algorithms makes me stumble across ppl that i never wanted to see up to now-The sort of tinder type of relation :joy:
In the end for me its abt content-dont ever explain to me ‚how you do these videos, i got asked in the comments‘ if the content is half warm, i‘m out. Hainbachs music is great, his videos are not…imho
I wonder if these ppl know abt the drawbacks when they agree to do campaigns like that and i wonder what they get paid for, because clearly this Thomann thing is worth a lot, marketing wise for Thomann.
Its not abt a few paid micropayments and the guffaws-its abt exposure for a company and maybe not being able to actually support your family. This is where we‘re at.

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MMaybe to give a different insight on my ‚rant‘ i can quote some of my faves to uplift the thread. Case being that we all agree on what SM do to us and we’re not really being able to quit something that we like.

-DivKid: to me he‘s a very good example of what i want to see (but don‘t pay for) the self patching series, most interviews are worthwhile, incredible technical knowledge and execution in reviews and a very good Youtube music Album-hats off to all that.

-Make Noise on SM. This is all perfect. It makes me want to buy an Alan Strange book that no one can afford, so we wait patiently for the next episode of strange patching :smiley:
In that aspect, my feeling is that MN is not employing a professional SM Storyteller. But to be correct it would not surprise me and that person is doing a very good job in my books!

-Mylar for the funky live sounddesign in most reviews. Why we bleep is way 2 long and although there are incredible things said sometimes, i stopped watching this. Its loooooooong😎

-i love show us your junk by earthquaker designs.
I‘ve never heard a more passionate Steve Albini than in this series-great idea and execution!

-i like some of the Insta 1minute loops, notably Devine‘s, Bboytech‘s or Nathan Moody‘s. To me there‘s nothing more to be said on Insta. As i quit Insta, i‘d like to hear your experiences with that channel…

-And there is some serious Journalism on Youtube that i discovered while tinderswiping, i‘d like to talk abt.
To me the Noisey Rap Atlanta series comes correct in ways that made me think and appreciate the format for what it is. This is 1hell of a task-a white guy visiting trap houses, explaining a broken city and the artists emerging from this. Flame on if you‘re not agreeing-to me as a 50plus Hiphop Lover from Europe, this brings content that i love, its undiluted from Ego by the makers-although the channel can have its very toxic elements by default.

-waveshapertv: i loved the wires! It came at a time when discovering was really important. I remember ppl slating the movie for not having Serge in it-well there you go, a very lovely feature with the man just emerged,top! Some of the interviews are 2long, so i‘m not really rushing to patreon

-As i love british bass music, there‘s tim&barry tv. This is lotec and all abt Djs/Music. A really cool idea there is Grime Mcs being filmed walking in their turf rapping their tunes-great!

Yep its all in Youtube


thanks for taking the time to more fully explain your perspective, I think i understand better where you’re coming from now, plus you dropped some hot tips on youtube channels i need to check out. PS why we bleep is also in podcast/audio only format which can make the length easier to fit into the daily life of the gainfully employed (aka not my freelancing-ass) :wink:

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Why We Bleep is awful. The interviewees are more than patient, I just can’t handle this self-satisfied dude talking over everyone like a cokehead.


to bring it back closer to the topic at hand, the above interaction does not seem like it would happen on the other forum. how much of that do people think is related to the aesthetic of the platform? on lines I was very comfortable putting my real name, something that I didn’t do on muffs and seems less common over there in general. The format of that place seems to encourage old-school internet anonymity which seems to lower the threshold for people to behave in ways they wouldn’t in public. does that have an effect or is it simply the people that make the community

lol he does talk over them like crazy it’s pretty wild. and the one episode where he was talking about how he was fascinated by american arrogance (which, to be fair, he’s not wrong about) but it’s just such an English thing to say as if self-depricating humor makes them so humble and self-aware as a culture (not talking individuals of course, except that mylar def thinks highly of himself :joy:) still enjoy the show tho, and tom whitwell is bae

The attitude towards Mannequins was pretty shocking in the last episode. That was the final straw for me.

that episode was the final straw in what got me into mannequins modules and this forum, now i’m selling everything else, have all 5 modules and a teletype on the way :joy: obviously more thanks to tom than mylar

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That was off-putting for me and disheartening. Doesn’t sound like he’s even tried them out. :frowning:

I very much enjoy Mylar Melodies and Why we Bleep.

Likewise DivKid. I’m happy to support them via Patreon.

If you want the content for free then I think you’ll just have to accept the ads/sponsorship events I’m afraid. The work that he puts in takes up significant time and investment.


That DivKid interview with Ann Annie was excellent. Spoiler: It all started with Zelda.


Indeed as an act of getting to know the artist behind the music this was important. In the end i had the feeling that annannies music speaks for itself tho, i was reassured in the idea that you dont have to spill the beans abt your influences to get your music into a certain frame. Also i was very surprised to hear this young artist nerd talking so easily but creating very much his stage-i‘ve the feeling they could have talked quantum mechanics or medival poetry :smiley:
Music talks. Technology tries to explain.

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