Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media


There are some places that resist change so thoroughly, that trying to change or critique them would be a total waste of energy… I’ve been thinking about it a lot these last few days, all I can do is advocate abandoning them. I’d like to look more into discourse and how it works, be the change and all that.


For me I find it all to easy to slip into the comfortable embrace of surrounding ourselves by those that reflect our views, our tastes, our aesthetics. It’s alluring to differentiate ourselves from others, to seek affirmation from our peers. To feel that we are safe and understood.
But for me that is not life. I can’t keep building walls separating myself from things that might offend, that may hurt me,that anger me. I have to find the things that unite me, the common ground, those little pockets that surprise me. I have to experience the entire spectrum. I have to learn to love my enemy, to embrace that which I recoil from. To challenge myself to be better, to love more without fear.


I like this and resonate strongly with your words. It’s quite hard to have constructive discussion with individuals who are intolerant of simple disagreement and differing life experience.


If the attempt is sincere, and mutual, then great things can be achieved. But it’s not something that can happen singlehandedly, no matter how earnestly I try. And certainly not something that can flourish in an environment of abuse, or even benign neglect. It takes so much work and care. Speaking of which, look what’s being achieved here. It’s wonderful. That’s my focus, because elsewhere I feel like I have pretty much zero control over redirecting energy in a more positive, meaningful direction.


As someone who has never used mw, could anyone explain why it’s so popular? For that matter reddit as well. I only end up on it if I google something for info and reddit pops up.


I have a very strange relationship with MF. it’s largely OK - it’s better than ok really when taken as a whole. A lot of generosity I’ve seen on there. There’s a sense of community in parts - like the DIY section…
But the euro area is sounding incredibly entitled. Not understanding that there’s usually one maybe two employees running everything, so they may not instantly reply to your inquiry…and some of the threads are just awful - like the RUN thread…lord that was aweful…


It was pretty much the only place for information (not just discussion) on modular synthesizers for a very very long time. Nowadays it’s dominated by Eurorack, but 5 years ago it was much more evenly divided between 5U (MOTM and MU), 4U (Buchla, Serge and a bit of BugBrand) and 3U (Euorack and Frac).

It’s still the only place to talk about modular SDIY, Electro-music used to be much more popular for that stuff.


@sam has covered why MW is so popular, it had a monopoly on modular and the arcane knowledge required to use them. I’m curious now though as to whether or not it is still an entry point for new modular users, when there are so many excellent creators making youtube videos and democratizing the knowledge a little.

As for reddit.
God only knows why that cesspool hasn’t gone under. I used to only frequent the /r/synthesizers subreddit, and whatever ones were available for passing interests like comicbooks and particular videogames. I participated frequently in the synth community there, but it had been declining in quality for some time. There is so much of reddit that is just, absolutely repugnant.


I do t geddit .,.,.,. …,


This is one of the strangest contradictions I’ve ever seen. You might need to do a little bit of reading about what actually constitutes a safe space.


As someone who has been there since near the beginning, I’m still a little confused on why it has grown so big. There was another synth forum that closed/fell apart sometime around Muff’s first or second year (I can’t remember which one now, strikes me it had Synth in its name), and Harmony Central broke itself with a major site redesign, so MW saw a big influx of users around then. It’s also been the best way for users and Eurorack manufacturers to interact, with lots of the 2nd wave (post-Doepfer/ASol/ASys) having a presence there early on (like Malekko, Harvestman, Metasonix).

But I would assume it’s the biggest of its kind mostly because Mike has put a lot of time, money, and effort into keeping it going. There’s something to be said for simply keeping the lights on for ten years. A lot of places for online discussion about synths have come and gone since then.



My genuinely open-hearted suggestion: consider whether your points could be more persuasive if you were to de-escalate the intensity of your language a little bit :wink: This is a tough issue - it’s sometimes hard to understand how one’s own vocabulary is perceived. But honoring a community for its empathy, then using fairly aggressive words (rotting in filth, ridiculous, etc) makes it feel - to me at least - that form & content are a bit out of whack. Again this is meant in a constructive spirit.


this is my one issue with chris hedges– whose writing i really appreciate. i feel that people who see nothing wrong with capitalism, for example, are likely be dissuaded by how incredibly aggressive his language is against corporations.

in his defense, the ship truly is burning.

for daily discourse, i agree that evenness sends a stronger message. save energy for true battles.


Yes - this question of tactics & style (I guess rhetoric) is interesting. I love a good, righteous, full-throated rant as much as the next citizen of Berkeley! but sometimes I feel that in a period of disregard for fact and extreme hyperbole, it’s best to cleave a little closer to scientific discourse, if only to model another way that communication can be. The important thing is to consider and understand the impact (broadly defined) of a chosen style, I think.


'in his defense, the ship truly is burning


Haha wow. Yeah I totally see what you guys mean, I’m used to speaking a bit tongue in cheek in real life and didn’t even consider how strongly that actually sounds, until you both pointed it out. My apologies, it is totally out of whack with exactly what I’ve been talking about, thanks for pointing it out.


No problem. Glad you’re in the community :wink:


Although I think our critiques of Hedges are not identical, I’m glad to hear this; to see that I’m not alone in having a problem with Hedges despite that I’m very much share the same critical space.

I don’t see his writing quite so much aggressive as just strident and repetitive, and his prose wooden. I also found myself feeling as if there was some larger point he was building towards in an argument, but left un-articulated. His “War is a Force that gives Us Meaning” is an example. I kept waiting for him to synthesize all of these anecdotes and stories and base assertions in to something more incisive, and I felt like it never came. It was just a roiling litany of war crimes; a kind of witness’ statement. It’s good journalism, less effective as a long-form essay in cultural criticism.

I just wish there was more to him than that; I feel like his work points to more than that, and he sets up his work as if to suggest there’s more than that…but then…there isn’t. At least to me.

A journalist who covered the Vietnam war and was a truly gifted writer was Michael Herr, who wrote “Dispatches,” in which one will find many of the roots of “Full Metal Jacket.”

It is a blazing, profound collection of essays, brilliantly written, incisive, moving, harrowing…truthful. As pure writing, a magnitude better than Hedges, and also more important philosophically for the questions it raises.

Yikes…sorry…didn’t expect to write a critique of Hedges. I do like him and value his work; not trying to downplay his contribution. I just find him frustrating that’s all.


The main difference between MW and here is that MW is funny. This place is very staid. Both great places in lots of ways. But MW has the funny.

As to leaving MW - you can’t delete your account and I don’t believe Mike will do it for you. So all you can do is just not go there.