Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media


The main reason that MW is so popular is that Mike has a very light hand. He thinks the best of people in general and doesn’t try to impose his own ethics on them - except for the no racism, sexism (both pretty successful, given how very little of either there is in such a huge collection of individuals and posts over ten years) and no politics. The community pretty much moderates itself. And I think only three or four people have ever been banned. So it’s a very open place where most people can feel welcome.

The success of the venture can be seen from the fact that it is voluntarily self-funding and when Mike was in serious trouble a few years ago, many many people donated to help him out.


The idea of funny over on MW reads kind of like the jokey forward emails that your elderly relatives find funny, cringeworthy at best and bordering on offensive at worst.


De gustibus non disputandum est, mateypips.


Yeah, it feels like this conversation is getting weird. I don’t generally find much comedy there, but I’m also not looking for giggles when I go, so it all works out. BUT, everyone is entitled to have their own sense of what is funny.

Beyond that, what are we even talking about anymore? Some people find value in the site, some people don’t. Thankfully visiting isn’t mandatory, so if you don’t find anything of use on the site, don’t go, if you do, get what you want out of it.


But you can’t ever leave.


Not sure I understand I guess. You can’t stop going? Or are you just talking about the deleted account issue? Out of curiosity, why is that important?


Just the deleted account issue.
It is important to me to be able to opt out of websites and communities that I don’t support.


Thanks for explaining. Sorry that isn’t an option. :confused:


It’s an interesting concept, deleting the memory of you. If you were a member of a real life community, that would not be something you could ever expect to do - you might depart, but you wouldn’t expect people to completely forget about you. So why would you want to do that in an online community? (Unless you’ve done some particularly embarrassing things… :smiling_imp:). I understand it’s a form of personal hygiene, but I don’t really see the point.


Yeah, life is full of regrets, missteps, mistakes, that’s what makes it interesting. I would never want to Eternal Sunshine my life, and yes, I’ve done particularly embarrassing things, doh!


But you can’t ever leave.


Some people just like as much closure as they can find, but for me the big reason would be security. Not just online communities, but anything that requires an account should offer you the ability to later delete that account. Something secure today, may no longer be secure in five years, and the people trying to break in don’t relent.

Also, deleted should mean deleted, somehow I’m in the list of Myspace accounts in their stolen user data, despite having deleted my account long before the theft took place.


at this point there doesn’t seem to be much good that would come out of this thread.

some people expressed why they chose to limit their participation in MW in one way or another. is it really that helpful to explain to them why their personal reasoning might be wrong?

FWIW, it is possible to deactivate your account or have it completely removed including the posts. but only Mike can do it and he won’t do it normally.


To answer your questions about deleting accounts and informations :

Deleting our online posts and accounts is hardly the same thing as deleting the memory of yourself from other people’s mind : It’s actually deleting the possibility for other people in the future, people who weren’t there at the moment you initially wrote those things, who didn’t experience the original context, to read a full log of whatever you wrote at that moment in time.

There’s this notion now that what we write online is just “us” and deleting it is deleting “ourselves”, but it’s not. Our writings are statements, thoughts, they could even be compared to exploded bits of diaries or books. And I don’t think we should blame anyone for not wanting to see some statements they now disagree with or simply feel are not relevant anymore available to everyone to read forever. Those who read it when it was online will still remember them, we won’t erase it from their memories and if that knowledge was useful to people at some point, deleting it won’t suppress everything it helped building.

It will just allow the person who deletes it to give a better idea of who he/she actually is now, what kind of message he/she wants to present to the world, and how.

To come back to your “Eternal Sunshine” analogy, I think it’s not the correct drama you’re quoting. The “real life” analogy of a world in which we couldn’t erase stuff we said online would actually be the Black Mirror episode (Season 1 Episode 3 wikipedia tells me) where everything we do is always recorded in a harddrive in everyone’s brain and we can always go back and check the log and dissect everything we’ve seen in our life, so basically, no one can ever get away with anything they’ve done, and I think nobody wants that either.

Here’s my take on “why anyone would want to delete his account permanently from somewhere”. I could go on and on because there are many other reasons, but I think this one is enough on its own to justify it. It’s a subject that matters a lot to me so I felt a bit strongly about it, but I hope this long message didn’t sound mean or anything :slight_smile:

Apart from that, I’ve never been to MW, so I don’t have anything to say on that.


Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t thought of it like that.

Also, to be clear, I wasn’t asking for justification, just curious for an explanation to better understand.



I know, that’s why it was a bit long, because I was trying to explane it! Also why I didn’t want to sound mean or pretentious, it’s hard to articulate those thoughts (especially when English is not my first language) :slight_smile:

Also, to move past this, on the topic of deleting your statements / work / from the world


I too am a non-coder and I feel perfectly comfortable here.


A “no politics” rule seems to me to be exactly the opposite of a “light hand.” In my view it acts to reinforce the boys’ club vibe that the site has. You can like that vibe, or not, but the idea that “most people can feel welcome” there is not at all true in my experience.

My reason for flogging this here is not to bash Mike, who can do as he sees fit, but to make explicit in these early days here what I think is positive about this forum and help sustain it going forward.


mastodon.social seems good as far as it goes, but that doesn’t seem to be very far at all. Besides that, people are treating it like it’s just the next silo; it only counts as decentralized if it’s decentralized in fact.


Interesting topic. People seem to hide behind “handles” and think what they write/contribute stops “within” that online persona but that thinking is exactly how we get trolls (at the extreme)
Simple way of dealing with others on the net - if you wouldn’t say it in “real life” then you shouldn’t write it…simples…