R Beny / Green-House live stream at Gray Area Friday 5/7 8:00pm pst

Hey everyone !
I put together this live stream for the wonderful folks at Gray Area. it will be the first in a series called Patch Pulse for Gray Area’s new online platform called “Patch”. donations can be made in the link and are deeply appreciated as they will all go directly to support the artists and Gray Area. Hope to see y’all there ! beautiful sounds all around. 8:00pm pst !


here on twitch


this is tonight ! hope to see y’all there !

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sweet - I’ll be joining!

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aweome so excited. here is the direct to twitch link


This is wonderful! I’m working alone late tonight and this will be keeping me company :slight_smile:

Enjoyed it. Thanks for putting it together.

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That was really nice thank you

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thank you for tuning in!! so much more to come !

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Caught just enough of Austin’s set to sip #FirstCoffee and watch the sunrise - Next time I’ll set my alarm! :alarm_clock: #TimeZones …Thanks everyone who helped make this happen.

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