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No longer will there be beach-bod-guy shipping out of the WR headquarters. However! We’ve open-sourced the RIP project, so you can build your own heavyweight output module. Those transformers are expensive, so we recommend setting up a group buy, or at least building with some friends. Looking forward to seeing the wacky panel designs surely on the way…


So shines a good deed in a weary world. — WW


RIP is a really awesome module. The bi-directional nature, sum to mono when 1 jack is plugged in, the ability to pass through both transformers at unity, and the ground lift (which has been super useful at performances and stuff).

Are the specific transformers important to the design (other than the holes on the PCB are made to fit them)? Could RIP be made with a transformer at a like guitar <-> modular ratio, or the other way, with a less steep ratio between modular and line? If I could swap out different output modules between my cases depending on what the signal path I’m going for is that would work really well for me.


me reading this thread title and thinking the whole of DIY was dead


This probably won’t ultimately be the thread for it but throwing my name in the hat for any Cinemag group-buy opportunities.

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Thanks @Galapagoose! Would love to build my own RIP. If there’s enough interest, I’d be willing to manage a US group buy for the Cinemag transformers. Hopefully, someone else could do a group buy for the pcb’s–or maybe pusherman would be interested.

Cinemag Transformers US Group Buy Thread


Any may I suggest a name for the free/open scion of RIP: FRIP :slight_smile:


Had the same thought.


Manufacturers stop making anything bigger than 0201 smt and bga packages min 100000 order quantities…

On a lighter note I’m happy a module named RIP will never truely die…


Thank you for sharing! This comes right when I was about to order from cinemag to diy my own :slight_smile:


Interested in joining a US group buy if/when it comes together!


I’d be the same for an EU/UK one, though I guess this may be a bit tricker to organize since it would require an actual bulk-ish order, which would mean someone organizing actual money and payments upfront.

I’d happily make a thread for it if that’s of interest.

edit: EU/UK thread here

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Anybody planning on doing a single channel 1u version?


I don’t think the Cinemag would fit in 1U. It takes almost the whole width of 6HP.

Oh wow, didn’t realize they were that big.

surprisingly big! https://github.com/whimsicalraps/RIP_DIY/blob/master/images/04.jpg

Panel suggestions to replace the muscle dude:




I’m very interested in building this one. but probably can’t join any of the group buy cinemag trafo (i’m in southeast asia).
Is it possible to use cinemag transformer (CM-DBX), not the pcb mount version, the one with wires?
Any guide on which color wire goes to which hole in the pcb?


The Cinemag transformer with the wire leads should work perfectly fine. The only issue will be attaching it to a pcb, since the pcb version physically attaches to the pcb by the soldered pins. However, you don’t even need the pcb—the circuit could be built into a small box or even your case. Here’s a schematic that identifies the leads on the Cinemag transformer.

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ah thank you. i was thinking to tape the trafo to the pcb to hold it. but that can also works actually (without the pcb option). thanks for the suggestions…

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Would the OEP A187A10C be a suitable substitution for the transformers?
A quick skim of both datasheets show their specs to be very similar.


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