R i p _ d i y

It looks like you could easily substitute that transformer for the Cinemag. There’s also other companies making similar transformers. Its unlikely to sound exactly the same as the Cinemag, but it may be worth trying for the price. However, the Cinemag transformers command their price for a reason–people like the way they sound vs. some less expensive transformers. Without a direct comparison–who knows?

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Heads up for those interested, the eagle source files have been added too. They are very simple, but should help ensure the correct pinout if you’re wiring your own, or want to use a different PCB supplier.


I wish there was a version adapted for 1u intellijel format but the transformers seem too tall.
Maybe if they were mounted inside the case :thinking:


That’s what I’m thinking if I go a DIY route. Having the transformers just mounted inside the case somewhere, with the 1/4" jacks on the back of the case.

Since I don’t have an 1U or much room in my skiff, I may just put the 1/8" jacks on the side of the case as well, but we’ll see.


That’s exactly what I was going to do as well in my Make Noise skiff - transformers mounted inside the skiff with stereo tapped from the back of my TXn.




I’d be interested for sure!

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Cinemag was happy to sell me two at once.


Orders for the US/CA group buy are closed–thanks

Please use this google form link to place your order. Thanks!

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Hi! Looking to order 6 of them, emailed cinemag about ordering 10 but they never responded. Anywho, when i click on the link to the group order thread in here it says i dont have access- probably because im new here? Any help would be lovely, already have all the pcbs and parts for the builds just waiting on the xformers!

I think the group buy already ended a bit ago.

The group buy is indeed closed. I’m sure Cinemag will get back to you, but you might want to call them.

Do you know the approximate price of 2 Cinemag ?

I’d be interested in a board and transformers if a small group buy emerges.

I’m currently working on a transformer PCB and 1u module for Intellijel cases. It will allow you to connect the transformers to the rear jacks. Also possible is to leave the 1u module out and connect a Mixup module directly to the transformer PCB.

However this little project is still at an early stage. I’d like to have the boards verified before I have a small run made. Of course all files will be on GitHub. The files should be ready in about a month from now.


I hesitate to repeat Cinemag’s quote on this open forum, but they were responsive and helpful when I emailed them at cinemag@cinemag.biz asking for quote on 2x CM-DBX transformers. I suggest that you also ask about the lead time, since they may not have stock on hand.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I understand, I will try to get in touch with them

Wow, thanks a ton for all the responses y’all! Shame that I’m too late for the group buy, oh well. I’ll definitely call them tomorrow and see what’s up. I read in a thread on here that Trent was comparing cinemag and jensen xformers when designing RIP. I’m wondering which Jensen xformer would be the direct analogue to the cinemags used in the stock design. I’m new to circuitry and all that if you cant tell- but yeah i couldnt find any sort of pcb mount 12:1 step down from jensen. Anyone know?

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I have been thinking of doing exactly this. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


legit thought this was about to be a “Damn, Brooklyn’s changed a lot” thread for a second, yall

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