Radical Norns

So, Norns has been out awhile now I suppose and I’m curious if you all would be interested in sharing links for music created on Norns that you all in the community think is radically inventive, bold, distinct, or at the outer limits in comparison to what the Norns is typically used for.

Who would you say is pushing the bounds? Links appreciated!


Norns plays an odd role in my workflow. It is so powerful for creating endless streams of pretty that it sort of feels like touching fire. In amnesiac looping sessions I’ll record my synths to 4 track tapes at variable speeds then promptly forget how any of the sounds were made.

The daphne oram “moment outside time” committed to a linear physical artifact. Cheating with digital tape simulation, and keeping myself honest with real tape.

The project now is to take these 10 source tapes which also contain residue from what I recorded over and collage from other tapes, then make “mixtapes” for my friends.

The whole project was set off by norns, could not exist without it, yet I haven’t turned mine on in weeks.

An archive of the project as it progresses is available here, I’ve sent 4 tapes so far.

Getting closer to a convention for documenting the work, and I think I’m starting to need a graphic notation for how I write the source tapes to the mix tapes with 1,2,4 track machines.


@giovannilami has been using a norns in live setups, and shared some details on his process with it here:

I always like checking in on whatever @mlogger is doing w/ norns. tends to push scripts to their limits and also spends a lot of time on scripts that don’t get as much attention (like NISP):


I concur, mudlogger’s clips always come to mind here :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the norns primarily as a system I can run my SC code on and making interfaces via lua (been dreaming of that for years). here’s a combo script I did of Benjolis and Molly the Poly with a custom UI on the lightpads with MPE. not totally radical but a little bit more of the noisy side of norns: