Radium Tracker Study Group

I’m very interested in Radium Tracker. Saw this software mentioned on here in passing, downloaded and ran some demos on the thing. It seems a very advanced and highly developed piece of software without an obvious strong following.

There are a lot of videos posted showing the ability to replay old tracker compositions from the vaults. However I only really found one user posting compositions which indicate this is a well-developed tool for composing:

This is a thread to install and learn Radium, discuss composition techniques, then post your initial experimental compositions.


I installed Radium Tracker a while ago, but it kept crashing/freezing so I abandoned it after a few attempts to get it up and running. Might have been an issue with my JACK configuration though…

Good to see it popping up again in this forum! The slightly unorthodox UI got me very interested back then and I think I might take this as an opportunity to give it another try!

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Never seen this before, but I love a weird tracker. Embedded PureData and Faust instruments seems pretty cool!

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Never been able to get into tracker workflow or even general tracker music but this looks interesting. Gonna dl and try it out : )

This looks interesting! I will try it out this weekend maybe.

Another thing to play with! Looks interesting. The more I dig into Linux and open source the more pleasant I find music. Ableton etc are fine but… yeah.

well, I’ve been poking it for about an hour. Getting around the interface was a bit of a challenge at first. I managed to load a sampler and get some sounds going. Will definitely need to go over the key commands. One thing that impressed me right away is that I made a pattern and was able to stretch it visually like a rubber band over a few more measures. That seems interesting!

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poking around radium is a bit like learning to drive an alien spaceship… whatever, I figured out enough of it to make the world’s crappiest chiptune in some snatched holiday moments between social obligations:

wienerknudel.rad (561.2 KB)

How are you all getting on?


honestly I haven’t gotten past my initial tour. It might be a long time before I’m able to get back to it.