a scene-setting, softcut-based delay & looper: three delay lines & noise generator & “froth” modulator!



Hi! This is my first project attempt for norns. It began as an homage to the Deluxe Memory Man (plug-and-play delay w/ modulation), but with some digital delay niceties (long delay times, multiple delay taps). Along the way I had some fun: adding some light hands-on drone manipulation, adding a simple Supercollider engine for washes of filtered noise, and adding some animation. I’ve been playing with this for the past couple months and it checks the boxes I set out for it and figure some other folks might appreciate it.

Few things:

  • currently not stereo (besides the ocean engine)
  • the gui was designed around for norns shield key and encoder placement (something I literally just realized), so it might not be as intuitive on the factory norns
  • had little to no idea of what I was doing when I started this, so may need to be refactored someday

Big thanks to all those who developed norns and (especially) softcut! It’s incredible that it is this easy to make a fun & unique delay.


norns/norns shield; Ocean sc engine (included)


raft is made up of:

  • three delays lines (waves)
  • global delay line modulator (froth)
  • global filtered white noise generator (ocean)

Each wave has its own buffer, time, feedback, and output volume. The encoders control the parameters for the active delay.

On startup only the first wave is active. Press Key[3] to move to the next wave; it will activate if it was previously inactive. Once multiple waves are active you can move between them using Key[2] and Key[3]. Key[3]'ing past Wave 3/3 will deactivate Waves 2+3 and return you to Wave 1.

  • on [Wave 1/3] pressing Key[2] will not do anything
  • on [Wave 3/3] pressing Key[3] will reset all buffers, reset feedback to default value (0.5), and deactivate Waves 1 + 2. This way you can build up feedback and drones and Key[3] your way to safety.

Hold Key[1] and use the encoders to control the global settings:

  • Key[1] + Enc[1] = froth rate
  • Key[1] + Enc[2] = ocean amplitude
  • Key[2] + Enc[3] = froth amount

Hold Key[1] and use the other keys to freeze the buffer of your active delay. Currently the only way to reactivate recording of a delay line is to Key[3] past Wave 3 as explained above.

  • Key[1] + Key[2] = drone in reverse-playback
  • Key[1] + Key[3] = drone in forward-playback


in maiden:
;install https://github.com/timothy-taylor/raft


sounds fun, installing now and will give it a go soon!


Just spent the evening playing with this and a small lavelier mic- it’s very lovely! Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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