chops/maps audio file into 64 equidistant pieces which can then be looping while held as well as layered polyphonically on 64 grid.


this is the first deeply personal monome patch made long ago and also my first max4live port. it was coded originally by @rajaTheResidentAlien after what i remember as many many dms on the old forum. it was during my first attempt at learning max and i was feeling nothing but failure in the pursuit. i had nothing but questions for him, so many that he ended up just forming the patch to exactly what i was trying to learn how to do. i am still trying to learn how to make this patch. thankfully the patch has been with me through these years and recently i have tried again (i think this is the third time) to learn max but in the m4l sense. i am feeling success and gratitude thanks in no small to this community spark from @CrackaAttacka and @Rodrigo and again recently @dan_derks and HUGE SHOUOUT 2 @andrew and as his m4l creations recently building the library here provided so much fuel to finally delve deeper in live than i could prior. and help from rod and @sandy and @jhindsight. sorry for the history aspect, what i mean to say is that this patch is hugely important to me, has shown up in so many recordings and is often a fun simple playground. it felt so good to be able to pull it up inside live happily with no need for odd audio routing. the only things i did to alter the patch aside from copy/pasting the code into m4l are to add the audio drag/drop, live.dial for mapable volume control and silly simple ui. core function is completely by raja made in total kindness and patience with my ignorance at the time.

you can drag a sample in or use replace button to file search around. is fun with widely different lengths as short things give almost waveforms and long things sometimes fun loops. poly aspect piles up so limiter can be helpful depending post.


ableton/m4l, grid


simply load a sound file in your chosen manner by either “$$$” or “replace”. the sound will be cut into 64 pieces and automatically pasted onto 64 grid buttons. there is no varibright necessary and i hope it works if you want it to on all your grids. the volume control should be automateable via live or midi. there is a subpatch file that main patch needs to run so make sure max sees that other file from the zip. sorry if that is confusing, i just don’t know how to include the aux one into main one yet and i figure if it’s worked after this many years and max versions, don’t break it. i hope you enjoy and i thank this community so deeply as it is my internet home full of the smartest most fascinating folks around!


Raja64rhp.zip (11.2 KB)


here’s a lil demo video i did, proof of concept if this patch seemed too boring.

the key for me is a cross between math brain and creative brain:
“what will divide well by 64?” and then just pressing buttons holding some and bopping around playfully.

the grave limitations are usually either completely crippling or magical. a file load either feels functional or rubbish, almost immediately. many of the sample cut patches we know have that scrolling behavior which moves through regardless of what you are pressing unless you silence it. this works in reverse. only audio when you trigger it with press and held as long as you keep the depress going.


This is pretty rad. How hard would it be to add a feature to allow for changing divisions of the loaded buffer?

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thanks! i can take no credit as this was a patch raja so generously made for me vv long ago. changing the division, i assume you mean to allow for control spread from buttons 64/32/16/8/4/2/1 via a ableton knob that would then be mappable? sadly my math and max skills are not any deeper than barely being able to port this fairly ancient patch to a live9able m4l state.

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Missed this the first go-round. Thanks for sharing it!

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I mean change division as in allowing for each loop to be of a longer division. So each button press could be of a longer or shorter loop. Does that make sense?

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oh that is good too! frankly both ideas would add a lot of feel almost in an eg sense in that your idea would change length and mine would change onset… yielding a ton of deeper functionality to the patch.

the joke is that i don’t have the foggiest idea how to implement and i’ve arrived at the point that i don’t think my graces have earned ever asking anyone up here to program anything ever again. i tried this year to learn max. the best attempt yet and had some inspiring help but i stalled out (again) and i don’t think i can see another max learn attempt at this point especially as my old grid is in deep need of repair.

i am always so deeply grateful to @rajaTheResidentAlien and @Rodrigo for their max excellence and generosity.