raja's debut - Earthlings Are Creepy (Pts. 1 & 2)

Happy New Year!

Been putting off releasing albums for almost 20 years(not since 2007, under stage name ‘karaokaze’… we’ll just ignore that one). I was disenchanted with the format of the album for so long(especially after working for companies like youtube and pandora, you don’t really see the format hold any meaning anymore… and there each ‘piece of content’ makes everything feel like it’s just more added marketing noise after awhile :cry: )… but pandemic’s got me trying to live fierce and strong again(funny how that works), so therefore i’m trying at music with a real effort again too.
So here’s my official (twice-the-size-of)full-length debut as ‘Raja The Resident Alien’!

Part1 is released today:

here’s some codes :point_down:
to redeem from here :point_right: Renegade Lights

Process for Part 1:
i made all these in Max, back around August thru October of 2020, and then squirreled them away :chipmunk:
sitting on them for longer than a year now, biding my time, waiting for just the right moment to pounce :chipmunk:
that moment is now! :ghost:
(i don’t know why i sat on them for so long, to be honest… it was indeed fun to make sure i enjoyed listening to it over and over for this long before handing it out, tho… i highly recommend taking a drive on a gloomy day through the mountains or near the ocean to this music(especially on a very hi-fidelity, bass-capable system)… clouds and rain over passing scenery, are the ideal listening environment)
aside from processing many things through some customized FFT effects I made in Max, and also making heavy usage of ‘MC’ objects to get fat bass :muscle: and ripping distortions :metal:, my main process was more of a spiritual/intuitive kind. these tracks are all about me getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, especially due to the pandemic.
these encompass a not-so-somber but-rather-violent darkness i embraced(the peak work of this album was actually created around the time they stormed the capitol building here near the end of the last US presidential elections). i was in a bad place, but i still got plenty of exercise(as if preparing for a fight). and i worked on tracks everyday for hours like a maniac, not even caring to ‘produce’ tracks, but just to keep myself from imploding from the pressure of the world-at-large. the tracks are convulsive, subversive, but can also feel like a violent ‘start’ to something bright and positive to be found in the chaos: bravery. i was just trying to channel that feeling you get when you go headstrong into a darkness, a chaos, an oblivion, with no thought of what might happen. i hope you get that feeling from these tracks and charge confidently ahead into 2022 :muscle: :crazy_face: and there’s bound to be something anyone would find interesting. this first part is very eclectic, experimental, and ambient. i’d call it something like ‘bass-ambient darkness’ if it had a genre, otherwise known as BAD music :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
please enjoy this BAD music :innocent:

Part 2:
switching to backup plan, want to take more time devving my norns app and making songs from that(previously had a plan to release all this plus about 8 more norns-based tracks at once), so since i had tracks squirreled away already(aside from the ambient ones of the first part which i had also squirreled away)… SQUIRREL! :eyes: :chipmunk:
i’ll just put these out as the part2, this time, these tracks are more beat-oriented(will work on the norns album separately, i’m thinking to be released around 8/08/2022 :wink: )

and this time, instead of download codes, and since i really dig all these tracks immensely, therefore feel they’re worth it, i simply offer a discount code good for 20% on anything there, just use code, “creepy” (never expires)
also, on that renegade lights bandcamp, i upped the amount of free listens from 8 to 22, so feel free to take advantage of that, too

most of part 2 done in Max/MSP around 2019-2021, except for the first two tracks(“Aftermath” created in 1996 using Cakewalk and CoolEdit, plus some vocals from my cousin’s best friend when i visited my family in India for the very last time in my life around then, and “BitDepth” which was created around 2011)


:pray: :love_you_gesture: :alien:


Thanks for a8pj-jf5j, and the app preview looks and sounds great. Will check it out for sure. Also, happy new year!!

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Used code 5lda-577g

Thanks, man, and happy 2022!

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thanks for this. :pray:

i’ve used code fu7m-ypze. i’ll check out the smoke n mirrors script as well.

happy and healthy new year to you and all.

last night i drove to the ocean and this morning i woke up and was delighted to see this album had been released. soon after i grabbed a set of codes i realized i had forgotten at home the power cord for my computer and (more importantly) my norns. so, i was very happy to drive home and back again over the coast range here in the pacific northwest, listening to this album about creepy earthlings, observing all around snow capped clearcuts above and below abandoned cars intermittently left by the side of the road in ditches that may have recently been hidden by snow. :heart:

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Happy new year Raja! Lovely dark alien atmospheres, thanks!

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25ll-upnn used and looking forward!

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Wow! Thank you! Downloading now & looking forward to hearing it - I used b7nr-7gpz

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i’ll be trying smoke/mirrors to contribute to pt 2
really cool idea!


thank you, raja, I used t7r3-5uyp.

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Thanks for sharing ! Claimed qp6v-5m7q
Good way to start 2022 !

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looking forward to spending time with this, thanks!


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Thaaaanks! I grabbed this one! Looking forward to going deeep!

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Thank you!! Can’t wait to listen - Happy 2022!

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Thank you so much, Everyone! Truly appreciate all the love… took alot on my plate all-at-once to come out the gate swinging at the start of this year, but i must admit maybe i’m not keeping up well. Truly sorry i forgot to upload the actual files to ‘smoke_n_mirrors’ :rofl: :poop: :blush: it’s up now…
if you followed the readme’s intructions to install, you probably installed just the readme(i swear this was not some intentional joke :laughing: ‘smoke_n_mirrors’ is a real thing on the norns :joy: ), you’ll need to delete the whole smoke_n_mirrors folder entirely and just reinstall again(otherwise, i think matron might complain it’s already installed)…

also looking for advice on the interface in the main thread:

and Thank You Again For All The Beautiful Love From All You Divine People :heart:


Excited to listen to this and will definitely check out your Norns script. Allowing remixes pre-release is a really cool and fun proposition!


I only occasionally log in here to see what’s happening in the lines community. Very happy I logged in today and to see this! Congrats on your album @rajaTheResidentAlien ! I will definitely give it a good listen. Also, I think parts of your description of your process are very poetic! Especially this bit:
“the tracks are convulsive, subversive, but can also feel like a violent ‘start’ to something bright and positive to be found in the chaos: bravery”

I wish you much bravery and creativity this year :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment and support @nuun :pray: Great to see you here again, too :beers:

And thank you too @Zeke_B, glad to hear people might be interested in remixing, so excited to hear where it might go :smiley:

and to Everyone again Thank You. Also, i came up with the remix idea spur of the moment, now that i think about it, got more plans:
if anyone would be interested, and gets a version done before 2/22/2022, dm me here with a link to the track and i’ll put it on the album(with credit and link to your stuff in description, etc.) :heart:


Hey raja - I’m having a hard time downloading the files to do a remix with… I tried from the link in the OP and in the github link but to no avail. If I’m doing something wrong, can you let me know? If you can post a new dl link or shoot me a dm with one, I’d be down to take a shot at making a remix.

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really glad to have you activate! a good time to be alive it is. i’m squarely still in lockdown so i’m not in ideal intended listening environment but cool sounds!!!

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Thanks @dude! Really appreciate it :heart:

@Zeke_B sorry for the trouble, it works for me when i try it now… but maybe it’s not a ‘https’ site(some folks might have security exceptions), so it gets blocked by some(only http right now, need to get back into this whole web-presence thing properly :joy: )…
try this wetransfer link, should work better:

also, to anyone trying the smoke_n_mirrors app:
ran into a bug i’d not run into before… with files in the ‘ll’ folder(placed in dust/audio), and with the app loaded, the quick-start is to scroll the norns-screen-UI(using enc2) down so it highlights the ‘Loops’ parameter, and then hold down k2 for longer than 0.2seconds(i’m thinking i should just add a stop/play button, will do that :laughing: )… then you should hear audio(if for some reason you see the ‘count’ moving, but don’t hear audio, try fiddling with bpm(enc1), and wait til the next count of 1… it should click in(looks for new files near end of the cycle of loops)… need to figure that out)
if you want to hear the files in the above zip at regular speed and rhythm, scroll with(enc2) down to highlight the ‘FNL’(file-name-lock) parameter and use ‘enc3’ to turn it ‘on’, this’ll tell the app to lock its parameters(bpm, file-div, and loops) to those described by each file title(for the zip above, this is how you might listen to the whole set of files at the bpm/rhythm intended… turning FNL ‘off’ allows you to flip the rhythm in different ways).
also, one parameter, i hope people try out right away is the ‘FX Vortex’, delineated by parameter ‘FXV’(turn it on, and you’ll get an endless instrumental remix of the files… they get sent through the effects with random routings and parameters chosen each time the beat-scrambles near the end of a cycle of loops)…
enc2 is mostly for scrolling thru UI elements, enc3 for changing those parameters on the selected element, and enc1 always for controlling BPM(the reason you have to highlight specific elements to do certain things with k2 and k3 is because sometimes when you highlight certain UI elements, for example the “File”, the k2 and k3 buttons change to act like single-point changes(k3 scrolls one-up, k2 scrolls one-down))…

ok, promise i’ll write this stuff in the other thread, too… still thinking about how to instruct people on it… and most of all, i think if i get a better grid interface besides the clock one i have now, it’ll be easier for people to understand how the softcut voices sync… thanks again! still more soon…

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