Rample Wave System from Squarp

Lmao, 2HP Play is buggy too!? Damn. Starting to regret selling the Sample Drum!! Also need a decent sample player.

I’m a bit tempted by 1010’s upcoming Bitbox Micro.


Looks quite good, price is significantly higher though!

Just had a deeper look, the extra price is very justified. Great looking module.

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It’s not that much pricier, actually. Plus does granular as well as “straight” sample playback.

Not sure it does slices in the same way as the Sample Drum, mind, so I may not be replacing that one, even if I do get a Bitbox Micro.


One major drawback I just noticed is only 8 inputs. So that’s 8 gates for the 8 pads or 2 inputs for sampling 3 for gates 3 for cv and. Regardless it seems the midi input is needed to get the most out of this module.

Hmm…so, left the rack running last night and came back to it today to find the rample totally glitched out and the “screen” just solidly red. @alexroldan, is that what you see as well?

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Ooh, that looks enticing. Would like to see if it’s menu divey, or if the tools and settings are just gravy. Also if it has an internal mixer. 8 outs is nice but I’d also like to see a mix out.

@micahsaul sometimes solid red, sometimes not. here’s the video i sent to squarps support team the other day (i edited it to the last 10 seconds to get to the point), but this was after around 3 minutes. these are 4 samples being triggered by the strymon magneto’s 4 gate outs. https://imgur.com/a/kwosziG

Interesting. What happens when you try to rotate the bank select encoder? Mine tries to display the bank, but gets super wonky and flashes a bunch.

after it freezes, i can select a bank but it just goes to a blank screen with two dots on the upper right, unable to play back the samples until i reset the power

Ok, two different bugs then. I’mma send them a support message tomorrow.

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@alexroldan Did your issue ever get cleared up? They were having some issues with their support email, but I finally got through and my Rample is now working fine. Somehow the SD card got corrupted (so I might have a second one as backup going forward) but once I reformatted things were back to normal.

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Haven’t heard back, unfortunately. So good to hear that! I’ll give that a try.

Curious about how the Rample receives its gates in regards to this video which mentions that the Rample is being gated byt an øchd - does that mean the Rample is being gated by an LFO when it reaches a certain value - or that the øchd acutally sends a gate? I cannot find any information regarding this but am very curious.

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Hi all, first time posting.

Really interested in this. The things Marcus mentioned were what really jumped out at me too.

Paired with something like the Shakmat Four Bricks Rook, this could be an incredible option for very natural/organic and off-kilter sample-based percussion in eurorack. Or, at least that’s one way I can see this being very powerful.

There seems to be very little on the Rample out there so far, but I’ll likely pick one up to try this.

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if you want more info on the Rample, best to ask on the Squarp forum

I really like my Rample, its small and quite inexpensive.
squarp ironed a few issues out in the last firmware update, and added a few things users wanted.

apart from size/price, main standouts for me are:
midi control (!), multi-layering, sdcard playback (so no length limits), some nice controls that are simple to use.
it also does sound really good.

midi control - might seem odd, but if you have an external sequencer its really handy, since it allows more modulation, and also frees up the front panel cv inputs. its a clever compromise of hp vs control.

the main wish i have for future firmware is for it to save ‘state’, currently it always reverts to the first patch on startup - squarp recognize this.

also, Ive a squarp pyramid and hermod too… and I’ve always been impressed at how squarp improve the firmware over time - so i wont be surprised if over time we get a few more ‘features’ in the future… ( ive talked to squarp about a few ;))

but without any changes I love mine already :slight_smile:


I’m in exactly this place - I like the Salmple, but it was a bit out of my budget, so I got the Squarp Rample. It’s taken me a while to get used to the workflow of preparing samples for the SD card and loading sounds that way, but I like it overall.

It does take a lot of the in-the-moment improvisation away, but I’ve found that the controls are pretty good at letting you mash things up. Drum sounds are great with it, but I’ve been starting to play with more textural stuff, too.

Here’s a quick jam I had the other day, based on loading up ambient guitar loops I’d made the day before:



Very nice! Here’s my Rample centered 56HP skiff:

I also really like the fact that it has both CV and MIDI, though I’ve barely used the MIDI aspects so far.


can anybody confirm if the samples can be triggered directly from the module using the buttons on the front panel?