"RAMPS" by David B. Applegate [live eurorack release]

Good morning,

I offer you my new E.P. titled “RAMPS.”

This release grew from many days of M.O.T.S. (Modular On The Spot) rehearsals. I used this rig.

No overdubs occurred.

A monk asked Zhaozhou, “Does even a dog have Buddha-nature?”
Zhaozhou said, “No.”

If you feel so moved, please consider purchasing a pink CD-R with custom art-work.

If you feel so moved, please get in touch with me about anything related to “RAMPS.”

Thank you for your indulgence,



Listened this morning, good stuff!

Thank you for listening. My studio houseplant died (yes, really) which is why the vibrations of the recording contain so much exciting bad ju-ju.

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