Ras Thavas “Open… Doors of Time and Space…”

“Open… Doors of Time and Space…” has been one of my most streamed collections. In response to the continued interest in it I wanted to make it available on Bandcamp for those who wished to download the album.

An excursion that focuses on a different way of looping, “Open… Doors of Time and Space…” uses the Blukac Endless Processor to in a sense remove linear time and provide a deep sonic structure that encapsulates microscopic rhythms and movement. Pitched tones, noise structures, and undulating pulses with multiple pitches create dense clouds of tonality that not only invite, but require deep listening to hear fully.

These improvisations, captured live to a 4MS Wav Recorder, generally consist of basic one oscillator synthesizer voices into Low Art Encirclement (Harvestman Tyme Sefari’s MK I and Mk II with Zorlon Cannon Mk II) as the input, with Ieaskul F. Mobenthey alternatively used in one track. A Pladask DRADD is used at times for granular time lag accumulation on the synth voice.

I’ve created these tracks with two approaches; True Endless Processing, where I don’t monitor the input material and it isn’t present in the final track, and Applied Endless Processing, where the input material is monitored and part of the finished piece.


I listened to this last night while scrolling through the EP thread, and I really quite enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!


Every time I scroll past this thread, I think of “Festivus for the Ras Thavas”. Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

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