Raspberry Pi for music


I just picked up one of these Tasty Chips granular synths which runs on a Raspberry Pi3. It is really nicely thought out and very musical to my ears. https://www.tastychips.nl/?page_id=2182


that looks very nice - Gaz on sonic talk was enthusing about it I seem to remember (not a high bar mind :wink: )


They actually don’t. They run on an Asus Tinkerboard.

EDIT: I was wrong. Sorry.


Pd looks like it would be easier to approach… But the tutorials and extensive help files make SC pretty approachable. And, unlike Pd where I’m forever headscratching how to do some seemingly simple task… SC seems to always have a clear path.

My live rig (documented elsewhere here) was all in a large Pd. Patch until this Spring. I rewrote it all in SC and now it is so much easier to understand and extend. I never published the Pd patch because I never had to energy to make it clean and document it. In contrast, it took just an hour or so to clean up the SC version. It’s published here:

Peanut Butter Jam - pbj.scd


PD is more like wiring in your studio until you want to do something code like :slight_smile: I use PD and Max a lot as glue to wire things together. Sequencers in particular suddenly require a lot of manual labour cutting and pasting and a mess of wires

SC is definitely better for code like stuff - also the pattern language is a whole new set of fun and quite honestly seems like a separate thing to SC sometimes :slight_smile:


I’m just going by what they say at their web page - “Raspberry Pi3 inside: massive DSP power and easy to service”


I’m sorry. You’re right. I had found a picture of its innards and it had an Asus Tinkerboard inside, but maybe it was not a final production unit. Sorry.

(Found it: https://www.facebook.com/tastychipselectronics/videos/2008334569416277/ not a production unit indeed)


This guide is great and coming just in time xD Thanks alot !!
Just got my Pi and Pisound. Looking forward to dive into it.


sounds nice.


has anyone tried out the Waveform DAW with a RasPi / Pisound?


Own Waveform and got a Pi / PiSound last week. No spare time yet as business is very demanding but hope to be able to install and test next weekend.


I tried Waveform and found that driving the display took too much processing power away from the music. Supercollider or Pd seem best on the RPi.


what if one were using it mainly as a multi-track-recorder, rather than a full blown daw? i’m imagining a small portable unit for layering ideas which are later transferred to a more powerful machine for finishing.


Running X is just too much for RPi, in my experience. Might be OK for a demo, but for daily use? No thanks. It is far happier as a headless device.


well that brings me to my next question.

has anyone implemented a basic multitrack recorder on RPi? i’m imagining something that works very similarly to a boss micro br, but has the one thing all these pocket recorders are missing: midi clock i/o - or even better, gate clock via gpio :slight_smile:

(this thinking is inspired by my love for the 4 track op-1 tape system and constantly wishing i had way more tracks)


Yeah had something similar in mind from time to time. But hadn’t the time to work on it.

Maybe this could become interesting:


I think ecasound works on rpi: http://www.eca.cx/ecasound/
But not sure how much work it is to make it do something useful.

update, also check this out: https://freeshell.de/~bolangi/cgi1/nama.cgi/00home.html


ooh yeah i remember that otto project. seems like it’s moving verrry slowly.

nama seems like the right track… but all this is way over my head - back to ableton for now :stuck_out_tongue:


If you aren’t stuck on RPi, there are some great Linux DAWs. Bitwig, Waveform, Traktion, and soon Reaper, all work on Linux. You’ll just want a bit more horsepower to run the screen along with the audio i/o. Even a relatively modest/old intel based computer will do, if set up correctly. Nice way to repurpose an old machine that can’t keep up with Apple or Microsoft’s OS updates.


for me it’s less about needing a new daw (i’m fine with ableton on my mac for now) and more of a search for the small, portable multi-track recording solution that compliments my op-1 + lunchbox modular creative process. i’ve been considering the various offerings by boss / zoom / tascam / etc. but they all lack external sync.