Raspberry Pi Midi + touch screen

Hi. I’m really new to audio DIY projects but I think I’ve finally got something in my head that I would like to build but I’m not really sure where or how to get started.
I’ve played with Pisound and I’ve played with the little touchscreens available for raspberry pi’s but I’m wondering if it’s possible to combine them or find another way to attach both a touchscreen and some MIDI in/out ports to a raspberry pi.
Does anyone have any ideas whether it’s possible to get both plugged into the same board or any possible alternatives? It doesn’t really have to be raspberry pi either, I just assumed that’s probably the easiest.

Thanks for any recommendations!

Your best bet may be to use a small HDMI touchscreen if you’d like to use PiSound as a hat.

I have a small display from Adafruit mounted in my eurorack case that I really like.

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Check out the Pimoroni HyperPixel 4.0

but… it may depend on what GPIO pins are used by pisound or any other Audio hat (if you want audio). If just doing MIDI, then you probably dont need to worry about that.

EDIT - a USB MIDI adapter is a cheap/easy way to get MIDI

EDIT EDIT: Another option – “The Raspberry Pi 7” touch display – it uses the direct display ribbon connector and leaves the GPIO pins free."

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I honestly probably don’t need the pisound, I’d just like to build a simple “midi effect” interface. I’m just imagining a MIDI in & out and a touch display.
I used a raspberry pi and one of those Adafruit PiTFT 2.8" screens to build one of those “Pi-Hole” ad-blockers a couple of months ago. I really like how nice and compact that was but I’m pretty sure those use all the pins available.
Maybe I could use something like Roland’s UM-One USB/MIDI cable that has both an IN & OUT.

Also, Thanks @thynk & @okyeron for the responses. It’s great to see all the options and hear from those of you with a bit more experience at this