Raspberry Pi oscilloscope

I bought a dso138mini, it’s a small oscilloscope, it comes as a kit you solder yourself
I’m happy with mine, I can power it off of the 5v rail on my modular
Some people have had less happy experiences with faulty units or aren’t satisfied with the quality, but for less than 20€ shipped, I figure it’s worth it

I’ve been really into the “DSO shell” ^. it also comes as a kit.

I’m not sure an oscilloscope is the best fit for a raspberry pi – it doesn’t have the best audio interface built-in, and you don’t really need that much computing power for an oscilloscope. Maybe you’d enjoy running norns software on it?



I’ve been looking at these. I’ve not tried it but it looks nice, especially the software.

just wanted to +1 this.

what i’ve seen is stuff like bitscope, which is 1) a product family of high-speed acquisition circuits, and 2) an API for dumping the captured data by USB, controlling trace parameters, &c. (rpi being a potentially host choice if you want to DIY a self-contained unit with the bitscope-micro board - though again, you don’t need a lot of compute power for this.) it looks interesting - i too have no personal experience, curious to hear about it if others do.

if you’re just interested in visualizing audio waveforms then this is considered “low frequency” for a DSO, and you can find more options from searching for that, like this thing

but yea the pi doesn’t really have appropriate acquisition circuitry built in.

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