Raspberry Pi Pico & RP2040 boards

I sat down for an afternoon and finished this project. (One way I deal with dreadful grinding depression is with builds, it seems to put my mind at rest — at least when the medications don’t work). Now probably out of date I still had the parts and a set of 5 PCBs, it it was a nice, simple and easy build. Nothing really to go wrong. I see it’s already deprecated and replaced with a more up to date model but wondering if it still has any utility?

Turing Machine? Logic Gate? Oscillator? Trade? :woman_shrugging:

I don’t need 5 though. What right mind would make five modules?


I mean… making five is only a tiny bit more work than making one. :slight_smile:

I usually make at least 2 of everything at one time.

Also - Looks great!


@okyeron, the panels are my first try of the JLCPCB Aluminium panel sets. £3.99 for 5. Would definitely use again. At that price its not even worth CNC machining at home.

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Someone’s written a USB implementation using PIO and it has Host support. Utilises 2 PIO per USB port so potentially could have 5 usb (1native + 4PIO) ports on a single device? Could be a potential start for a usb midi host multiplexer?