Ratcheting, bursts, fills with monome sequencers

Is there any way to mimic this behavior in meadowphysics or any of the other hardware sequencers? I see it go by many different names on different sequencers but the effect is always just repeating a trigger or note in a sequence a certain number of times. Has anyone come up with a clever way to do this?

There’s nothing built into the monome modules for this, but it’s easy to achieve with other combinations of things. You could try:

  • modulating the clock
  • using Teletype to repeat steps
  • using Teletype to delay/repeat triggers
  • a trigger/cv delay (like SSF Propagate)
  • an audio delay on the sound you want to burst
  • the 2hp Burst module

… my favourite thing about modular synths is that there are a thousand ways to achieve what you want, so I tend to prefer modules with fewer build in “features” and more cv ins and outs instead. :slight_smile:


To create ratcheting effect I’m using COLD MAC to put in AND a gate signal and a fast clock. To have a fast clock i’m using 4ms SCM or teletype in order to multiplying current clock signal.
Of course any AND module can do the same.
Maybe meadowphisics can act as a clock multiplier? I’m sure you can divide, not sure if you can multiply incoming clock.


I’ve used the 4ms DLD using gates to toggle hold and mix simultaneously with a fast repeat time. For a single beat repeat, I suppose you could use something like MATHS EOC or EOR outputs combined with a logic module and a gate as @kkempes described above.

It would be really cool if Kria had a burst option for the gate sequencer page.

My design idea would be that tapping the Gate Page button a second time would change the view to a burst view for the current track only. You could set the number of repeats for each gate from 1-7. Tapping the Gate Page button again would bring you back to the regular 4-track gate page.


I like this idea for Kria. One thought is that it might make sense to house that interface as an alternate for the Duration page as the two would not be used simultaneously per track? Or maybe just an alternate function on the Duration page per step? I’m thinking that pressing Duration page button and a step simultaneously converts the slider from top-down to bottom-up indicating ratcheting mode. The further up you go, the more ratchets per step? Or each vertical box represents an additional trigger so you could space them erratically for up to five additional triggers per step?

EDIT: if we went the first route and just created an Alt-Duration page for ratcheting, burst, and beat-repeat functions, then you could use the top “Time” bar as a probability slider per-step. Getting in the weeds a little here but I think this would be fantastic. That Alt page would be easy to differentiate from the others with its top-line bar and bottom-up sliders (different from Octave page).


Thanks everyone for the ideas. I will probably keep using midi for this task instead of going for the switch/logic/burst module option. It would be cool to pack that into KRIA, is there a way to submit a request? I know it was just updated and it pretty much has everything at this point but I always find myself wanting some repeats to spice things up!