RDFM - And Weird On Top

hello everyone,
hope you’re all doing okay

I wanted to write a little note telling you all that I released a collection of recordings made throughout the month of march. It was a weird one, but I’m sure you know that. Making these helped me cope with and escape from the seemingly endless stream of strange events and bad news. I hope they bring some feeling of comfort and escape to others.

Cheat codes or wrms on almost every song. Some we made by a funky sequencer I built in max after finishing the “step by step” book last week.

Would love to expand on the process behind the recordings if anyone has questions!

Thanks for listening


what a nice way to end the week, thank you for sharing it :hugs:

this is all really primo – any deeper detail on the tracks? the one at this point and then the one following it (guh, and then the one after that…i’m in the middle of listening, i think these are all fantastic) are so so so nice:

this is so good ! love how rhythmic it is while still being ambient. the track 11:41 is so good ! really beautiful. care to share what the sample source is ? this was mainly cheatr codes i take it ? the track that follows it is really great too. thank you for sharing.

better late than never, ehh :sweat:

@dan_derks @kin.sventa
thank you both for your very kind words, and your very wonderful art (bucles and less concepts were on very heavy rotation at a certain point for me)

the sound source for the track at 11.14 is a tongue drum being mangled by cheat codes (same for the long one that starts around 22, except it was wrms in place of cc). That was a super inspiring/necessary session for me, as i almost never incorporate acoustic instruments or mics. really need to do that more, in fact i may set up a mic right now.

most of the other “songs” utilize a modded version of cheat codes that brings in @andrew’s msh. this setup has been absolutely revelatory. msh lets me play voices from jf/mangrove, mollythepoly, and any midi synth AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. it’s instant magic. I can share this (admittedly hacky) mod if anyone’s interested. Currently it requires a second grid (this all brought my dusty 40h back to life) but it could be possible to set it up so you could access msh from the meta seq page in cheat codes :thinking: although its pretty nice to mash notes and zilcmos simultaneously.


this is a lovely release @rdfm I screenshotted my fav moments I’ll send em around to u

you should definitely share yr hack in the msh thread or your own ! creating personalizations like this is absolutely how I wanted the app to be used, it’s so so cool to hear it working for u. no polish required !