Re-introduction: New Grid & Meadowphysics


So i finally got some extra funding so i took the leap and grabbed a monome 128 grid and a meadowphysics for my eurorack setup. I am considering a White Whale, a switch and a Walk as well. I am waiting on the Teletype because i have a few other core competencies to focus on this quarter [Javascript] but i am a long time Max/Msp, Pd, supercollider user excited to explore here.

I would love some feedback about the meadowphysics. It really ticked all my boxes with the description [you had me at Rhizome :slight_smile: it’s very interesting and i am hopeful to get some reviews and caveats form you all regarding it’s use.

i am also hopeful to make use of the grid in Ableton and in conjunction with my expert sleepers setup.

my proposed main rig:
I have the meadowphysics but the other monome stuff is on order.

also for clarity is my ES rig for control and whatnot.

Can someone point me to any monome resources that are essential for generative/algo comp?

generative for me is something that provides “unplanned” results from a pre determined set of rules. I think i base my ideas of generative on a healthy combination of Lyapunov or mandlebrot and Eno. My first computer program that i purchased was “koan” by the Cole Brothers at SSEYO [now Intermorphic] I guess rule based pseudo chance operations is a fair beginning as well. Thatis why i like the idea of the Rhizome in music and was drawn to the meadowphysics

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someone point me to any monome resources that are essential for generative/algo comp?
[/quote]curious about this as well

I’m guessing various logic + sequencers

no idea how outside of teletype (and still learning within that system!)

monome apps good for generative music: all of them. or none of them (except teletype).

how strict is your definition of generative? dozens of definition choices in the links above.

I guess my own definition would allow for any sequencer/arpeggiator that includes ability to define mutation/randomization rules so that the sequence evolves over time. Orca qualifies. I’m a little stumped at the moment thinking about Max apps that fit the definition.

Teletype can definitely go in the generative territory. Combined with the other modules, it’s even much more true.

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I do not have room presently for a Teletype, so i grabbed a Walk and i am leaning towards a White Whale as well. I like being able to trigger stuff with my feet it makes it really fun. i am using it to fire off toggles and simple logics