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performance sampler inspired by mlr and all it’s variants.



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Problems while setting up Monome64

new since my last post on the old forum-

-when u save your Live set, whatever set u have loaded in re:mix is now saved with it (so it automatically loads your re:mix set when you load your Live set)
-missing audio files now show up in the list as “file not found” (missing files would screw up your set before)
-purge unused files button
-new set button
-row auto-select option is back (no popping sounds now)
-automatic track naming
-easier midi-sequencing- place the 'name piano roll.adg’ in front of the re:mix device so u can see the row/button names on the piano roll.
(‘name piano roll(row9-16).adg’ goes in front of the 'midi(row9-16).amxd’)


all is working awesome…
only thing is i got some chugging while recording octave changes…
otherwise smooth as hell bro


eh edison, i noticed some chugging/popping sounds when using the global oct+/- buttons and just fixed it. were u using these to do the octave changes when u noticed that?


woah, i’m here now, not there. interesting.

anyways just chiming in to say you’re a boss, a machine, a pretty awesome dude. happy to see constant updates on this fine piece of programming. (and really anticipating the day when sync ableton track to monome row happens :camel: :dromedary_camel: once i take a break from brainfart vj time, i’ll try to hop into some m4l and see what i can muster up about that [probably not much])


thx :relaxed: glad u are enjoying it.


-when u save your Live set, whatever set u have loaded in re:mix is now saved with it (so it automatically loads your re:mix set when you load your Live set)



@elquinto yea! It was the global
Sorry for not being clearer…
Thanks man!
I’ll try the new!


if anyone wants to try it, i added follow actions to the row play mode setting. this allows some cool new possibilities, like spanning a sample across multiple rows (for more subdivisions)

haven’t spent a ton of time with it yet, so might be updating throughout the week if i find bugs.


What is the recommended method for updating the patch? Just delete the re:mix folder from the User Library (where I had dragged it) and drag the new one in?

Pre-existing sessions will now open the new version under that scenario?

Bloody awesome patch!!!


yeah, just replace the folder wherever u have it and pre-existing sessions will open with the new version.


hi ! i try your new feature but i think i need more explanations on how does it work


ok, i’'l try to explain it better. follow actions make it so when the sample ends, u can have another row automatically launch (triggered at your global quantization rate, as if you’d actually triggered it manually). for example, if u set row 2’s play mode to 3 and set row 3 to 2, you’ll see that when the sample on row 2 ends, row 3 is automatically launched (and vise versa)

spanning samples across multiple rows- for example, assign the same sample to row 2 and 3. use ‘snap to grid’ (option-drag the waveform or choose grid from the ‘snap to’ menu) and select the first half of the sample for row 2 and the second half for row 3. again, set row 2’s play mode to 3 and set row 3 to 2. trigger row 2 and you should see it working.

hope that helps.


also i should mention that if you hold the first pad then press the last pad on a row with follow actions, it’ll cancel and just loop the sample instead. (same goes for oneshots)


I love this! Thanks!



is there any guide to setting this app up from the ground up?

i have moving lights, and waveforms loaded into the re:mix window

and all the groups on separate audio tracks

but no audio.

i have scoured the old monome app pages, and this new forum, but cant seem to find the “re:mix for dummies” setup guide…

is there such a thing?


quick start guide: load re:mix, load group.amxd’s to tracks, drag samples in, play

strange u see led movement but no audio. what version max / ableton are u using?


quick update
added new 64 controls- press mod1 quickly (without pressing any other top-row buttons) to trigger macro switch/ same for mod2, but triggers send switch
tweaked the ui a bit (works ok with the disco skin now)
fixed a few bugs

just uploaded to github


thanks for this. fantastic work!
I’m having problems to get it working with pages. without zeroconf/pages it works without problems.
I have the zeroconf in the right folder. Pages running with external app, /remix. But I don’t see anything in the zeroconf device selection menu. What am I missing here?


do u have the zeroconf externals installed? (see pages installation instructions if not)