-re:mix- {m4l app}

added a vari-bright on/off switch for mk users really quick. u should get led feedback on pattern buttons if u turn it off. let me know.

Interesting! I had no luck getting Sum working on the my m0000110 so that makes a ton of sense.

Ill give it a go tonight.

I’m sad to report back, that the new version you uploaded last (5 minutes ago, it looks like) doesnt respond to mouse clicks in Live 9.0

Unfortunately, I cant bring the menu up to connect or make edits. Bummer. Ill have to update!

I was wrong about that last statement. It just took a while to respond for some reason. After minimizing the program and bringing it back up, it was working.

AND im pleased to say that the pattern recorder and the MOD buttons are working perfectly. So smooth, gorgeous app!!

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cool, still would be a good idea to update your ableton, but glad u got it working!

Another question: I’m able to record midi info into Live clips via my keyboard, but I was wondering if there’s a way to record key presses on the Monome itself directly into clips?

yeah, first enable Midi Out in the setup panel. then to record, route the midi out from the re:mix track to another midi track, and record there.

Live won’t record the midi into a clip on the device’s track because the clip is before the device. (its the same way if u want to record any midi/audio device. u need to route the midi/audio to another track and record there)

edit: also, thought i’d add that since it supports midi in, u can use a step sequencer app like obo to trigger samples (best with samples in oneshot/slice mode). kinda like 64step.


Having some trouble getting the ext. input working. Input.amxd recieves incoming signal but triggering the “go” does not stream incoming signal into buffer. Live 9, Max 7, Win 7. Its the only hiccup im having.

Where can I find the older versions? Newest version won’t trigger buffers on my system, nor allow midi assignment, even though I clearly get signal presses and top row led functionality? Didn’t have an issue with the older up until this one.

possible you’re using a newer re:mix .amxd with old group .amxd’s?

would recommend u re-download the zip and try again with all new files. if u really need an old version, u can browse through past uploads by clicking ‘commits’ on the github page.

Is it possible to change which input buffer you’re recording into from the monome? I can’t work out how - thought it might be on the record length / record select page but it only seems to be length.

I’m really enjoying this app. Thank you.

Yeah, it’s the bottom row, first 8 buttons on the record length page. Is the app detecting your monome size when u connect? In setup, you should see the 128 sized panel highlighted (assuming u use a 128)

Great, that’s it, just had to manually set the size. Thank you.

ok, just uploaded a fix for 128 size detection. think i found what was wrong, let me know if it works now.

for 128/256, i made it so mod 1/2 trigger input prev./next (when pressed quickly, not held). I’ve been contemplating having them trigger preset prev./next instead and making 13/14 be input prev./next. need to try that out and think about it some more.

hi @elquinto! just try out the latest version and i have to say, outstanding work! thank you so much! i just have two future requests, if possible. save individual pattern length and quantize value in presets. that would be great!

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Hi please welcome a noobie newbie to this wonderful forum and someone help me get the basics right :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t got a monome… trying to run it on ipad using touchOsc…
after loading everything… i dont seem to have any devices listed in the setup… not even launchpad… :
Live is showing incoming and outgoing midi signals on the re:mix channel… but remix itself doesnt seem to recognize any of it…
what to doo? No flashing lights for me yet…

to connect to touchosc, turn on ‘OSC out’ and use the ip address and to/from port text fields. if u hover over these, a brief explanation will pop up. i don’t own an iPad, made the layout real quick on a friends, but it worked fine from what i tried. you’ll need to create an ad-hoc network on your computer because if you go through wi-fi there’s too much latency.

I like the idea. theres a few things that would make this difficult to do, but i’ll keep your suggestion in mind. for now pattern lengths and quantization setting are saved (globally) with your Live set.

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tried using this on windows 7 today… takes ~2 minutes for the remix.amxd to load :hushed:

it takes less than 10 seconds to load on my mac. anyone on windows also experiencing painfully slow load times? no idea what’s going on…

elquinto, I’ve been using re:mix on windows 7 , loads up in about 10 seconds here also.

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nice @elquinto, thanks!
just a quick question. does re:mix work with newer versions of ableton live? i have 9.1.6 and i was think about updating to a newer version, will i have problems?