-re:mix- {m4l app}

On my daily bus ride to work i see these to remixes :slight_smile:


Hi folks,

I have spent a few days trying to get this amazing looking device working on my system. My 128 grid communicates with it OK, yet when i try to drop an audio file into remix, the audio isn’t visualized and that layer stops working/responding properly. I haven’t heard any audio from this device yet! I have tried re-installing the app, java 6, etc. I am running the latest version of Max and LIVE and a 128 grid. Also Mac OSX Sierra.
Does anybody have any ideas? Where am i going wrong?

cheers, Dan

I’m having similar problems, apart from i cannot load even one sample it seems. No audio at all…

Hello Is your audio 24 bit?
I was messing around and i had same issue when i loaded 24 bit files…
I was able to load it after i decompress it to 16bit.

Edit .some of 24bit files works fine…
I’m confusing now.

I found solution.:slight_smile:
I’m uploading video now.

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i’ll try 16 bit files. I would have thought it would work at the bit depth though, especially with a live input?


24 bit files works as well.
i found that It’s because of file name .
We can’t use some character symbols such as “/”.
look at my duplicated folders .
(hiko_ideas and hiko/ideas)
i have same samples inside (24bit)

I was able to load samples from hiko_ideas folder but not from other one.

I hope this helps .:slight_smile:


I just found that you can use Japanese character too.

sorry for the crappy sound.lol

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Hiko’s post was a good suggestion. I’ve only seen this happen because of a problem with the filename or the name of a folder in the filepath. Let me know if that’s not the case.


Hi Guys, YES! thank you! i am editing and saving files via Audacity and they are appearing and playing as normal. Brilliant app!


Question about sending and receiving MIDI:

If I want to insert a MIDI effect in between the button presses and re:mix receiving MIDI versions of the button presses, how can I do so without double-counting the initial OSC button press + the MIDI button press? Essentially, I want to bypass the OSC button press when I’m sending MIDI button presses.

hi @elquinto.
in this diagram you say “set next tempo” is midi-mappaple. when i enter live’s midi map mode “set next tempo” does not highlight or change color, and it cannot be mapped. is this diagram for a future update or am i doing something wrong? thank you!

I don’t think I set up a way to bypass the OSC and just output midi, but that’s an interesting idea… what type of midi effect were u intending?

never noticed this, I’ll check later today.

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(sorry for slow reply, forgot to enable notifications)

I was thinking of placing an arpeggiator or the MIDI Echo max4live effect in the chain to add some additional flare to the button presses. I don’t know if anything amazing will come out of it, but it seemed like a worthwhile avenue to pursue. Not critical but a nice to have :slight_smile:

Any news about the start stop bevhavior with ableton and remix ?
This would make my workflow much easier.

sorry, nothing on that yet but thanks for reminding me.

i shifted focus for a little while to make a clip chopping device… got all the basic framework done but it still needs some work.

Here’s a little preview if anyone wants to check it out- https://www.dropbox.com/s/9dgll8e9xxrnu15/Untitled%20Device.amxd?dl=0


Any chance you can or will implement something like a start stop sync with ableton and Remix ?

this one’s tough… I tried really hard to get patterns to re-sync after stopping / starting the transport like u suggested, but I was never able to make it work right. I’m not sure if this can be done, but if I think of something I’ll certainly try.

checked, my fault,deleted

Maybee you can tell me if something s going on ?

Is there a way to change only octaves for seperate tracks from the monome or midi ?
Found only a way to transpose all tracks.
Maybee its possible that the set octaves will not be overwritten after a new recording.
So i try to record one Audio sample to all eight trcks with the live input and then pirch some groups up or down
live from the monome or a midi controller.
Some help would be nice