-re:mix- {m4l app}


hi @elquinto

awesome work. Major Respect!!! I havn´t touch my monome for a while, but this just brought me back and right into it again.

everything seems to work flawlessly. Besides two things, not to if it meant to be like this, because nobody mentioned it here in the thread.

  1. When loading my last saved re:mix project in Live 9.6, my used samples are in the audio-pool drop down menu, but not shown in the wave-preview as i arranged themas i saved them.

  2. My recorded audio via input.amxd do not longer exist in the audio pool drop down menu.

OSX Yosi 10.10.5// Live 9.6/Max 6


hey, thx!

recorded audio isn’t saved with the set, but right next to the waveform selection window there’s a save symbol u can use to save the files individually.

did u have the row arrangement saved as preset (using the ‘insert’ dropdown) before saving the set?


Hi @elquinto
thanks for the quick response. nice! this did the job for both questions i had.


Can somebody make a step by step guide to get this working with a launchpad. I have been trying for hours with no luck.


first make sure you’ve installed the included serialosc-zeroconf.maxpat (in the zeroconf/gridlock-vserialosc folder). also u will need gridlock (monome emulator)

in Live, once u load/connect gridlock to your LP, load re:mix and in the setup tab click ‘zeroconf’. the virtual monome from gridlock should then show up in the device dropdown. click connect. that should be it.


Every time I load the patch my computer crashes :confused: I’m on windows 10 so that might be the problem.


amazing app!!! its exactly what I’ve been hoping for!

Kind of an odd question maybe.
I have two 64 kits I’ve built over the years, and now sometimes link them together as a 128 through the monome app: Griddle. It seems to work fine with the apps I’ve tried thus far, but when I try with re:mix, once re:mix loads, I always get a terminal message:
‘lost focus (device changed port)’

trying different orders of operations and the ‘frankenstein 128’ basically always loses focus in terminal when re:mix tries to search for the devices available. Wondering if you had any suggestions for me to fix on my end, or if you even know what’s going on OSC-wise that’s bumping ports around?


(attached is the terminal window after Griddle has lost focus at the top, and underneath that is the griddle configure file where I can specify one of the ports. )


still need to install Max/Live on Windows 10 and check it out. been really busy lately, but i’ll try to get back to u soon.

when using griddle, what do u normally see in the device dropdown in other apps? re:mix will automatically connect to the first device it detects, so maybe it’s connecting to one of your 64’s, which would cause griddle to lose focus. does it work if u run griddle after re:mix is loaded?


So in the ‘monome test app’ ‘monomebridge’ the newly Griddle-created 128 device is the first monome seen in the connect menu, and then the two individual 64s show underneath it in the drop down menu. When I close griddle, the connect window updates to show just the two 64s with no 128. If I start Griddle after monome test app, the 128 shows right up as the first device again. So Basically the serialOSC connect portion of these apps are always updating if something changes.

(just realized these are from the max 6 serial OSC examples folder…but that shouldn’t matter as far as serialOSC right)

But basically if I start re:mix first, and start Griddle next, re:mix then wont see the newly Griddle-created 128 monome, as if the app is not reflecting or noticing or updating the change in devices available. It stays stuck just seeing the individual 64s. From here, not sure what to do…if I connect to one of the 64s, or if I reload re:mix plugin, Griddle loses focus/port.

-screenshot of me starting re:mix first, then griddle…re:mix wont see griddle like it does in those test apps


maybe there’s some easy way to include a ‘refresh what devices are available’ in your connect window somehow??


Searched and couldn’t find the answer to this question regarding the 128.

Does the app support 128 in “vertical mode” or an 8x16 grid?


yes, go to the setup tab and next to the device dropdown change rotation to 90, then click on the vert. 128 sized rectangle.


need to check into why the device dropdown doesn’t update automatically for griddle. it really shouldn’t need a refresh. (it updates fine if u plug a new monome in for ex.) i’ll be looking into this.


Just got a 128 and am back in the grid game! This community has come so far since I had the 40h

I love re:mix! A huge feat built on the shoulders of giants. So many great and useable features.

A few dumb questions. When I save a set, does it overwrite the current preset? Is the reverse true? When you do the global octave switch thing (amazing) is there a way to have them reset to 1? How do I map out functions like the global octave switch and preset changing to buttons on the top row of the monome?


when u save the set, it’ll save any presets you’ve written. (think of the set as a bundle of presets.) Always make sure u save presets before u save the set.

Regarding octaves, the value 1 is only correct for a specific loop length, so if u have loops of varying lengths, resetting everything to 1 wouldn’t be right. Maybe a reset switch would work if it reset octaves to the values saved in your preset… but u can sort of do that now if u go 1 preset forward then back really quick.

global octave +/- and preset changing are already mapped to the top row. check the readme for 128 controls.

Hope that helps : )


Apologies everyone for the lack of updates lately. I tore apart a good part of the app to improve the preset system, ui, make better use of v/b led feedback, implement some new useful features and fix some bugs, but it’s still a mess. Just been so busy lately, haven’t had time to finish putting it back together… It’s going to be awesome though, i promise.

Maybe i’ll post a teaser pic later this week.


Oooooooo sounds awesome!


I’ll try to explain what’s going on to get a bit of help/input. I have been making a few loops in ableton, dragging them to re:mix to get them to play on my monome divided up nicely in their groups. The clip is playing through all 16 steps (128) ordinarily and does one or two cycles just fine, then 20th bar or something it goes silent for a bar. I hope I’m explaining this clearly. Any ideas are welcome.


can’t say i’ve ever experienced this. do u see the track muting itself when it goes silent? what version max / abeleton are u using? u on Windows or Mac?


It is baffling. I don’t know what would cause it to fade out for a second or two then come back in. At first I thought it was my clip but then I began to wonder why it wouldn’t do it every full length cycle of the monome. I might download some pre-made clips from the web to see if it does the same with those.

The track doesn’t mute itself when it goes silent.

OSX Yosemite 10.10.5
Ableton 9.6.1
Max 7.0.1