-re:mix- {m4l app}


yup! it’s working much better now :slight_smile: thanks @elquinto!


Have to check the downbeat box ( but not to click the downbeat sync button)
Recording is a lot of fun now.

So i started to not only record one track in remix.
I started to record two diffrent tracks from two diffrent audio inputs in Remix.
Audio 1 recording to input 1…second to input two.
When i have the input buffer set to 1 and start recording input 1 i have also to select
the audio track wich contains input one.
Otherwise the remix inupt will record silence…
Is that right ?
Its not a problem.
But i thought i can record the selected buffer, no matter wich track is selected in ableton.
Is it possible that if i record for example my guitar to input one…that i only choose input one and can start recording from the coresponding track and if i switch to input two i can record what ever is going thru input 2 without selecting the track in ableton ?

Or much better if the input buffer automaticly choose the input from the selected track.
If i have input 1 selected in the buffer but in ableton audio track 2 with input 2 the remix app will record silence
So is it possible that if i have input 1 in the buffer and switch to ableton audio track 2 with input 2 that the buffer input will also change to the coresponding input 2 ?

One of the two ways would be much faster and help to avoid some confusion in a live situation.
end of my wishlist for this year :slight_smile:


good to hear. there’s still some changes i’d need to make in the main device, like getting the punch-in button to blink at the right time, so just ignore that for now.

i’m having a hard time following everything u said, but it shouldn’t matter which track is selected. if you’re trying to record different audio sources independently to different buffers, u want to place an input.amxd on each track u want to record, then on both input devices choose the buffers u want to be recording to.(the switches/buttons labeled 1-8) for example the first track you’re recording could have 1,2,3 selected, and the second track could have 4,5,6. If all 1-8 are selected on one input.amxd, every buffer will be recorded from that track.


My mistake…
Its recording independently from the selected ableton track.
Maybee the monitor setting was on auto in ableton.
Everything is working


Maybee it would be possible in the future that if i have for example some drums with remix input 1 on ableton audio track 1
and a second ableton audio track with remix input 2
If i select ableton track one with the remix input one the iput buffer chance to input one.
If i select ableton audio track 2 with remix input 2 the input buffer automaticly change to input two.
So whenever i switch to a ableton track where a remix input is loaded the buffer will register it and change to the input of
the selected ableton track (only if an remix input is loaded)
Maybee thats not possible.

Im searching for an easier way to switch between the input buffer.
With left and right only is a long way from input 1 to 8.
It would be also cool
If i have for example on every row in remix an other audio input
Row one input 1 row two input two and so on…
That the buffer input will change with the associated row if i selct the row in remix.
Sorry for my bad english.
I hope you could follow me a little bit


Not sure if this helps at all but I find it’s pretty easy to just map a midi controller knob to select the row and another knob mapped to select the buffer. It does require setting up each row to the appropriate buffer. By mapping controls to the row select and buffer select you can always see the row and buffer displaying the waveforms being recorded.

This is one of my favorite creative tools like… Ever.


Do you know if i can use remix on one track and some other monome devices on other tracks ?
Like Terms ?
Sometimes its working.
But sometimes its gettin bugy.
But i dont know why.
Will try a little bit but i have a feeling that using more than one device will causing problems.
Maybee you know a liite bit more than me if its possible ?


Yes this works well with the elquinto suite apps.

Connect your monome to each app and as you do set autofocus to track. Now when a track is selected monome should update to reflect the status of the app.

I have also tried this with the control app which is not part of the suite and it functions well. I have not had as much luck with some of the other m4l monome apps.

Alternatively you can use the small batch app in the suite.


I think @Holl1f3ld is talking about this awesome package, @Flamusic:


Thank you man…
Now i have to learn a lot more.
Thought i was near to the end for my need after figuring out sum…terms…remix
And they all work in ableton together with remix ?


yeah, it should work fine with other apps.


I’ve finally been able to sit down and try this out. I’ve followed @elquinto’s instructions and managed to map the correct notes to the 12step. Live is receiving the midi information, but it’s not triggering the monome buttons at all. I’m at a loss. I’ve provided a few screenshots of my settings in hopes that @elquinto or someone else will be able to easily point out what the problem might be…

Thanks in advance!


in the 12step editor, i see u have it set to midi cc, but i think it should be set to Note.


I actually figured it out: I needed to set the monitoring on the Ableton Live re:mix midi channel to “In” instead of “Off”.


If i record something from an ableton audio track into remix everything works fine.
But if i record a live instrument there is always a little silence at the start of the remix recording.
Is there any way that remix start at the first transient ?
Map to zero crossings seems not to work for this.
I know that has something to do with the latenzy.
If i record in ableton with monitor on or auto the recording is also a little bit too late … like in remix.
If i record in ableton with monitor off ( because i monitore before the computer) ableton will playback from the correct start point like its shifting everything a little bit in front.
Is there any chance that this will work in remix ?
Because at the moment i have to record a live guitar for example in ableton first and then in remix.


What’s your input latency say? (in Live audio preferences) I know some audio interfaces don’t support zero-latency monitoring, but it shouldn’t matter if u turn monitoring off.

If u have constant sound through your input, do u still hear a moment of silence at the start of the recording?


on my ableton input channel i have monitor set to auto or on and the fader down.
If i have the monitor set to off (what i normaly do) i have no audio input in the remix ipnut
My input latenzy is set to about 12 ms.


if u can, try lowering your buffer size in Live’s audio prefs. and go to input / output config and disable any ins/outs you’re not using. also check Options -> Reduced Latency When Monitoring.


or if u want to try this, i added a way to set the delay for recording (to compensate for input latency). let me know if it helps.



Thank you very much.
This is super great.
So can i use the latency settings for the inputs on my
live recording tracks and on tracks where i record from ableton to
an other input device i can leave the lateny setting off ?
So can i combine inputs wich have latency and ableton internal tracks with no latency ?
If i make a donation for remix is it adressed to you ?