-re:mix- {m4l app}


i’ll re-post the input.amxd later today. i made those changes just as a quick test and there’s still a couple more things i probably need to do.

yeah, if you’re recording from virtual instruments or audio clips i’m pretty sure you want to leave the latency set to 0.

i think the latency setting is really only useful if you’re setup to monitor before the computer. it’s hard for me to explain, but for example with acoustic instruments/vocals you have added latency between what you hear and what is being recorded. however if you’re recording acoustic instruments/vocals with headphones (monitoring the track in ableton) what you hear is already affected by latency, so the recording will be in time. i hope that makes sense…

yes, donations are always appreciated (but happy to help either way) :relaxed:


just uploaded the new input.amxd to github. u can download it here


is the input diffrent from the one you uploaded earlier ?
One other thing wich is a little bit confusing is the way i can mute patterns.
If i have a sample on the grid row 1 for example and record a little sub pattern of it to one of the four pattern
If i mute the group on the grid it doenst mute until the pattern recorder is stoped.
And if i stop the pattern recorder the original loop will play back from where ever the loop is at the moment.
This leads to some confusion sometimes.
If i only want to stop the pattern recorder for a while and then get back after the break with the original sample.
Maybee its more comfortable… if i mute the pattern recorder the row will be muted and if i will start the original sample i have to hit the row again.
But maybee its good like it is.
Every way has some pros and cons

I hope you can follow me a little bit.

And im sorry but i havent found out the use of snap to and select


Yes the input.amxd posted above is new/improved.

i follow u. I’ve thought a lot about ways to streamline pattern recording. Like u said each way has some pros and cons and it’s hard to find something that works well with many different playstyles. I appreciate the suggestions.

regarding snap to- try selecting snap-to-grid and drag your mouse across the waveform. i think then it should make sense. for snap-to zero crossings you may need to zoom in a lot to what it does.


what do people think if i changed the inner loop combo to be opposite for reversed samples, so instead of holding a pad then pressing another to the right, you hold a pad then press another on the left. i think that would make a lot more sense, but might be kind of confusing. any thoughts? objections?

i’ve just been thinking i’ve never really liked the way inner loops wrap around the reversed samples, since you’re triggering the sample at the last step in the loop instead of the first.


I thought i actually have to hold a pad and pressing one on the left side.
Or im understanding something wrong.

Made a little jam where i tried to involve the Remix app with ableton and some outboard stuff.
I have the monome only since 3 weeks.
So thats all i figured out in this time :slight_smile:
But maybee you like it or its interesting for you.


nice! glad it’s getting put to good use. :heart_eyes:


I think the internal loop is fine as is although if it’s an easy tweak I wouldn’t mind trying them way you mentioned. It could be that setting the loop could be more fluid with my index finger. Hmmmm…


yeah it’s an easy tweak. after trying it out i definitely like it a lot better this way. also hacked in a little preview of the new pattern recorders that’ll be in the next update. instead of pressing a pattern record button before u input a sequence, u press it afterwards. it acts more like a pattern re-trigger now.

try it out and let me know what u think. :smile:

  1. i think it’s a good idea to re-think the loop thing in reverse-mode! for me it always has been confusing so i barely used it…

  2. pattern recorder: i will probably understand what you mean, when i get a chance to try the new “hack”, but why not having both ways of recording patterns? :slight_smile: i think it would be great to have the option the change between classic recording style and your/new way…? is that possible?

digital hug


New pattern recorder sounds brilliant! I never quite recapture the cool thing I’ve just done once I hit the record button. Going to check it out in a few.


that’s the idea! i wanted recapturing those cool sequences to be effortless, so this way the pattern recorders are always recording (how far back they record is determined by their pattern length setting).


my god, love it! what a wonderful twist.


another upcoming feature- led feedback for group assignments, so u always know which row is assigned to what group. (that’s huge for 256 users) unfortunately u need a variable-brightness monome for this one.

it looks awesome. i meant to post this pic earlier today.


i’ve tried out the new input, the pattern reocrder and the internal loop thing, but nothing works?? cant loop in reverse mode, the small pattern-recording-bars aint moving and the input does not record anything? :smiley: obviously i’m doing something wrong, haha
(my mac’s behaving strangely since it’s so hot in germany - maybe this is the issue)

i’m on max 7.0.6, if that matters…should i make an update?


i probably broke a few things when i patched in the pattern recorder code and reverse inner-looping stuff. (like the pattern record bars not moving) also I think u might not get led feedback for patterns if u use a 64.…but i’m surprised u can’t record. good idea to update your max either way.

does everything work when u use the official download from github?


please forget everything i said… everything is working fine now… -.-
as good as the official download…!
rebooted my computer - problems solved, wtf.
i’ll still update max.

anyway i like the the old pattern recorder a little bit more ;(
my first impression is that i have way more control with the old version of the pattern recorder… is it possible to keep both versions of the pattern recorder? maybe just a little switch in the option-menu which allows you to choose between both styles?

you were right: no led-feedback!
btw: i’m on a 256, no vari-brightness.


by no led feedback, i meant the pattern buttons, since on 64 they’re in a different location. (forgot to patch that in) weird if it’s happening on 256. :confused:

i’m not against having both ways, both have their advantages, but i’m curious what u mean by more control? any suggestions on what could make them better?


ha! language barrier, haha (sorry…)
no worries: the leds do light up, but they are not (short-)blinking after running through the bar like they usually do, you know what i mean? :smiley:

by more control i mean that i feel much safer pressing the pattern-record-button before recording my sound-“variations”, because then i know “now i have to record”. maybe this is a psychological or an individual thing :smiley: maybe i just some more time to get a use to it… the old way makes more sense to me at the moment :slight_smile:

but i really like the new idea of turning the patterns on/off and not just off!! that’s a great feature!


The new pattern recorder makes this the most appealing version of MLR ever for me. Now I wish all loopers worked like this! A real breakthrough @elquinto

I was messing around with an effect group where the dry output is gated off by the remix output. So whenever I start resequencing the buffer, the input becomes inaudible. In theory, this is exactly what I want for my setup, but the latency introduced by the gate always causes a tiny gap of silence in each direction. ml(ive)r inspired the idea for sure.