-re:mix- {m4l app}


Hello @elquinto it’s been while .
looks like new update is coming soon?
I really appreciate your hard work .:slight_smile:
I can’t wait to try new features .:star:

I had a gig last week and i found one issue .
I put 1 song chopped up then put them into row 2 to 7 as same group .( group1 )

It was like when i played row2 to row 3 there was nothing change about sound.
the sample from row 2 remained to play but then light was moving to row 3 but only followed half way instead of 1 to 16 .
then i pressed row 4 but still same issue happened.(only light was moving to row4 but same sound from row2.)
Good thing it happened at the ending of my set.:grin:

I assumed this was happened because of I have over 3.44GB of samples (930 samples ) and 114 presets in one set ,also i deleted/insert presets and delete samples too.
(i’ve been building my set since last year little by little.)
This issue never happened before.

I guess even though using 64 bit version of ableton ,my set was too big to handle it.
(I believe original mlr can stock 400 samples in one set.)

or maybe something else ?

Do you have any idea?

(sorry for my English .)



Hi ! The new pattern recorder is fantastic ! I love it !!!


do u remember how long the samples were on row 2-7? (how many bars)

can u repeat the problem when u reload the set?

If u go over the ram limit Live will crash and display an out of memory error, so I don’t think this is an issue with your set being too big.


They are 8,4,1 bar loops .
actually i noticed this issue when i was practicing right before the gig too.
I’m not sure how did it happened but i was playing like about 30 min then it happened .
I can not repeat this problem intentionally though.

I see it’s good to know that .:slight_smile:


Hi and please please forgive this knoob question, is this patch working using the monomeemu on ableton? I use to run few monome patches a long long while ago with that, now that I’m back on my new launchpad I’m wondering if that is possible and actually how to… as no much info is seems available out there… .would be awesome

Thanks to anyone willing to enlight me


have u checked out Gridlock? afaik it’s the only emulator that works with current protocols (serialosc)


Hi and thanks for you reply, yes I was just about to write to the developer on the subject and I see the monomeemu is not compatible with 9.5 ( or 9.6 ) so I guess that is the only way out in order to use re:mix using my launchpad.
I will report back here soon.

Great work, Thank you


First off thanks @elquinto for your amazing work.
I have a question in regards to how everyone uses this in a performance set up. I’ve been able to get everything working but how does everyone arrange multiple songs in a live set?
I see how this works for 1 song but if performing live how would multiple songs be accomplished? Do I need a different live set for every song? I could really use some advice.


Have u tried saving presets? each preset stores your row’s sample assignments / settings, as well as the ‘next tempo’. (u can have up to 1000 presets in a set)

One thing that might help when you’re arranging samples is to visualize each preset as a scene or multiple adjacent scenes in Live. (so not necessarily 1 song per preset, but it could be if u wanted)


Thanks so much for the quick response. Unfortunately everything seems to be working except being able to save any presets. Every time I try to save something a file is made but when the session is re-opened and I try to import a preset none of my samples appear. Is there a special method to how presets and the corresponding samples should be saved?


Hey I figured it out!!! One more question: When performing live what buffer size do people like to use?


awesome :slight_smile:

a lower buffer size helps reduce latency so i usually use 64 or 128.


Hi, I know that may sound silly as a question but… I 'm now running it through my launchpad mini ( although thinking of getting a 64 walnut that I’m spotting through a 2nd hand market ) and so far it seems very stable and really happy about it, I won’t enter the debate Launchpad vs Monome as I always wanted to get one as I love the design and the ‘academic’ side of it, launchpad on his side has beautiful scripts and the ‘Mini’ one is so handy…

Anyway as I’m running the 8x8 grid I wonder how to load 16 samples and how to shift the grid in order to play Samples 9-16 if that is actually possible, I’m running re:mix through Gridlock .


u might want to try the Gridlock forum. maybe it has a way to do this, i’m not sure.


OK I will…you see…300 Euro for a second hand Monome 64 is not cheap in a way…a new 128 alu cost $700 which is kind of half way but NEW…so if I must invest as it look like the real deal is more quick ( and fashionable ) I must be sure that I can expand the slots…sorry I’m getting quite excite about…and not even a novice myself ( 50 now…) but I would love to add some more action to my gigs…kwim :wink:


My two cents, if you’re looking to expand the number of samples by emulating a 256, and toggling between the top/bottom half, that really isn’t going to be any different than just having those samples on seperate presets and switching between them. In fact it would probably be more cumbersome.


Got that…indeed I’m looking to have some tracks split into re:mix and use my ipad pro as Live controller so got time to switch between without gap betwween the set. I’m having difficulties to understand major differences between the good old 40h and the 64, like I said the price of the trade out there are kind of curious as they all above 300 when a new 128 Alu is $700 ( yeah sadly I should add duty tax and approx is about 180 on top…too bad )


it’s obviously a big investment compared to a launchpad, but the grid kits were recently on sale for only $280 and i’ve seen the new aluminum 128 used for as low as $500. u could probably find a good deal if you’re patient.

the 40h has bigger pads, no per-led brightness, and no accelerometer. (and green leds)


and that is what I should do, thanks for the clarification, sadly I missed the sale… no much if almost nothing… will eventually post here in the trade. Thank you and for your work.


Hi El quinto, let me start again with congratulating with you for this great app, I’m trying my best to understand all combinations in order to get things right for my next gig.

A couple of things are still ‘cloudly’ to me,

Follow action: how does it actually works? sorry I know I’m sound silly but reading from your post here did not help me in testing this ‘feature’ + is the new recording pattern part of the latest build available on github?

in Gridlock there is a beautiful sort of ‘pages’ embed within the script, it allow to ‘emulate’ a 128V on a 64 Grid so to load up to 16 Samples just selecting the 2nd page key on the miniL, how amazing would it be to have a mod key for such feature…

set next tempo secion and below… ???

Thank you