-re:mix- {m4l app}


Follow actions make it so when a sample reaches the end, it’ll automatically stop and trigger another row. Try selecting a number in the row’s play mode dropdown (corresponding to the row you want to auto-trigger at the end) and u should get the idea.

I’ll try to make a diagram or something for the bottom section. It would be easier than trying to explain.


Thank you, got it now glad to see only 14% cpu on my good old core 2 duo running Max 7, do you think it would take less CPU the Max 6 version?


yeah, i think the max 7 version would use less CPU.

here’s a quick diagram explaining the bottom section.


@elquinto just to update… I spent a few days playing with the alternate pattern recorder but feel I prefer the previous one. I found trying to time my button presses to the first downbeat tricky. I could prolly get used to it with more practice.


thx for the feedback.

i should be able to have an option for both ways (new and old), but you actually don’t need to press the pattern button on the first downbeat. just press it whenever you’re done inputing the pattern. you can be really sloppy, as long as you press it before the first downbeat in the pattern, it should be fine.


Thanks for the tip… I’m definitely going to keep playing with it as I know sometimes it’s just a matter of practice making better. One other thing, has there been an update to allow more groups with the updated remix patten recorders as there only seems to be four as opposed to the six in the previous version.


nah, sorry. didn’t intend for that version to be used regularly, it was just a rough preview / proof of concept so i only did the four groups.


Is the reverse button available to midi map? I understand the keymap is referring to the standalone? in Live also I have a problem using theGrid setting and Quant all set to 8 and not moving from that, is that because it detects a 64 monome?


Reverse is not midi-mappable. 128 & 256 have a way to reverse from the grid itself, but 64 currently does not (most likely in the next update)

What do you mean by keymap? standalone?

Normally you would either have the quantization on 16n or off (unless you’re working at really fast/slow tempos, in which case 8n/32n might be useful. Are you saying that if you select 8n, it doesn’t become selected?

The grid setting only affects waveform selection in “snap to grid” mode (has nothing to do with the size of your monome or the number of steps). Choose snap to grid, then try dragging across the waveform. you’ll notice the start/end points snap to grid markers now. the grid setting determines the number of grid markers.


Thanks, I must override some infos while trying ot master it, I’m actually reversing from my 64 already pressing the last button in a row and while keep pressed hit the first of the row but sometime I noticed that the speed does doubled compared to the normal sample run. I’ll check what you suggest straigh away.

I mean the HELP section but I got it no, is that I not placing the mouse over a sample row did not activate the commads accordingly…the revers on my PC key does not reverse but change speed…nevermind. I thanks you always to be so responsive…your app is top notch… chasing a 128 now…got addicted


that actually isn’t reversing the sample… when you hold the last button in a row, then press the first, it loops the last step in the sample. the leds going in reverse when u do this is just for visual flare.

Maybe there’s some issues with the keymapping on Windows. I’ll look into it.


Do I stand correct the 128 layout buttons has recall for the presets? On my 64 I only have the 7-8 (mod1-2 for macros and sends Mr. Darlington seems loading up from the 256 itself? ( also curious about the second app on his 64… looks like peak meter mixer and x/y tilt for filter cutoff )…128 on his way…


yes, but it’s possible on 64 also. (hold mod 1+2, then press 5/6 on top row for preset -/+)

Daedelus uses a specific version of mlr which allows him use the 64 as a mixer/fx device. i plan to make something similar for re:mix. (bought a 64 about a month ago) :slight_smile:


Thanks again and do forgive me if I pest u with questions…probably I missed the discussion from the beginning of your project…I think a map ( if there is one I lost I do apologies ) of commands of the top row 64-128-256 as I hope is my last question goes… first 4 left to right switch samples Off the grid but how about 5-6? As we have 6 Groups… I’m sure there is a switch holding mods… :wink: oouch! that is interesting…I’m waiting for my 128 grid and I was thinking to sell back my 64 GS but now that you mentioned your future update… :wink:


yeah, there’s no off switch for Groups 5-6 on 64, but you can still use them in slice or oneshot mode. the extra 2 groups are great when you really need them, but you can get by perfectly fine with 4. (most versions of mlr are just 4 groups)


I’ve started a top row function cheat sheet to help me learn the various mod functions. Is this helpful? Suggestions?

Remix Function Chart.pdf (228.0 KB)


Nice one…apart from the top row 5 and 6 that does not stop the the groups 5-6 OR is that only for 64 while the 128 version has that function? ( while waiting for my 128 to land )


I don’t have a 64 to test the functionality, but if someone can confirm it all, I’m happy to make a 64 version, as well. Other feedback?


thx for posting this. the top-row mapping for 64 in the readme should be accurate, but i can help confirm functionality if needed.


New version with both 128 and 64 layout.

Remix Function Chart 64-128.pdf (386.9 KB)