-re:mix- {m4l app}


Thank you so much.:slight_smile:


Thanks dude… i’m an happy camper now…got my 128 too…nice one


First thing, noob here not sure if im posting this in the correct place. Second thing, thanks for this awesome app, and my apologies if this has come up before. Unfortunately, I seem to have run into a few issues. Running live 9.5 latest max 7 on W7 all 64 bit, got the serialosc from the re:mix download in the correct place. Latest free version of Gridlock (not using the serialosc file that came with it, deleted it as I thought it might be part of the problem) with a standard Launchpad. re:mix connects to Gridlock fine (although in gridlock I have the monome set to vserialosc not zeroconf, in fact after deleting the gridlock osc file there was no zeroconf option, not sure if that is normal). When I trigger a sample the first led lights but does not move along the row (the sample does play). If I hold the first button down (rather than just triggering it) then the light moves. Also, I have the sample set to loop but if I press a row button other than the first, it just plays a that slice, it stops playing as soon as I take my finger off. Probably just something silly that I missed but any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: More strange behaviour that ive noticed, when using the version for max6.1, If I trigger a sample playing in row 1, group 1, the led doesn’t move. If, without stopping, I trigger a sample in row 2 group 1, the led wont move there either. If I then re trigger row 1, the light starts to move. I can then swap between row 1 and 2 and nine times out of ten the light moves. Completely baffled.

EDIT 2: Well after numerous crashes, I chose to reinstall max 7, Didn’t want to recognise the LP initially, but then I recopied the serialosc file that came with remix (as opposed to the gridlock one) and now all is working well. Cheers for the great app dude :grin:

ABSOLUTE FINAL EDIT I PROMISE: So after having a pretty cool jam complete with input recording, I thought I’d load every thing up again to make sure all was good. To my horror the leds were no longer moving, which lead to my big discovery, the leds don’t move when record is enabled on the midi track with the remix instance. Damn I feel silly.


I don’t have a launchpad to test on, but you’re right, Gridlock should be set to vserialosc not zeroconf. It previously used zeroconf, but it didn’t support 64bit so I switched it to the vserialosc version. you’ll still need to have installed the included serialosc-zeroconf.maxpat, and also you’ll need to click ‘zeroconf’ in the setup tab when you load the device.

It’s hard to say, but from what you described, it sounds like the launchpad might’ve been sending/receiving midi through the midi track, not gridlock?


i should also add, if you do want to use gridlock in zeroconf mode (which is 32-bit only), the serialosc-zerconf.maxpat in the folder labeled Pages should work fine.


I have some problems how the remix is synced when i start stop ableton.
If i made a nice patch in the pattern recorders and stop ableton to prepare for
recording the audio or midi (dont tried the midi recording had alaso some probs with it)
the recorders dont start from the first beat…so they are out of sync with ableton.
How can i handle this ?


i never thought this was much of an issue since you normally won’t be stopping the transport mid-performance. i see how it could be useful for production purposes though… i’ll see what i can do.

for now your best option is to record the audio of the pattern, either using the built-in recorder or ableton, then assign it to a row.


Really legit application here. Spent a few minutes with it this evening. So not used to working this way but I sure had some fun that I can tell you.

Two things…

I read through this entire thread before my 128 was even delivered. I remember a donate button somewhere but can’t find it now. Could we get another link for it being as it’s probably 200 or so posts back?


Concerning pattern recording. when watching old demos of MLR it seems that button presses can be recorded and looped. I can’t seem to figure out just how to do this in re:mix. Does it have this functionality? Admittedly I only spent about a half hour with it this evening. I’m not looking to externally record, just looking to record a sequence of button presses on one track and have it loop that way. If someone could give me some assistance that would be awesome.

Thanks guys!


Hi, thx for the compliment and glad you’re having fun! yes it does have that functionality… top row, buttons 9-12 are the four pattern recorders. @hypnosapien posted a nice cheat sheet for the top row functions a few posts back.

The donate link is in the setup tab in re:mix, but I’ll see if I can find a more appropriate place…(on the github page perhaps)


Can’t tell if this has been asked but…

Is there a way to map to midi the controls in the floating remix window? Specifically I would like to map the octave and speed settings. I remember using this productively in mlrv and I’m sure there is an easy way to do this in the patch, I just forget my max skills.

Thanks so much for this!


@mel_gonzalez there’s already that functionality using the grid itself, it’s one of the mod buttons with another button. once you remember how to do it, it’s super fast/intuitive.


@zfigz – Thank you. Thing is I’d like to be able to map each individual track’s octave and speed settings to midi, either to a slider or a knob. Can this be done easily?


sorry, octave / speed is not currently midi-mappable but i’ll note this under feature requests.


Hey! Dropping in just to say that I’ve used the app some time ago at a gig and it works beautifully, it reminded me so much of the good old days with the mlr aes edit (:heart_eyes:), minus the hassle of setting up the patch and routing audio to Live :slight_smile:

So, thanks a bunch for your work!


there’s a donate link above! let’s keep @elquinto alive!


Finally got around to hitting that donate button today. Thanks for this. Was using re:mix and terms last night and it’s pretty much sum on steroids. Wonderful applications that integrate extremely well within the Live environment. :slight_smile:


i can’t find the donate link? i like to contribute!
3 quick question’s , and sorry if this is answered before:

  1. how do you record groups separately?
    i have 6 groups setup but when i try to arm them to record they don’t turn red.
  2. and then there’s the question of what are the right steps to save a set.
    first save the set? then your ableton project as a whole?
    when i reopen my project my re:mix set is gone (or more precise: empty, no samples loaded)
  3. is there a manual besides the ‘readme’ file that is missed?

thanks in advance!!


and again, really great job on this @elquinto !


Im doing that with gridlock:
set your emulated monome size to 256, in re:mix select 8 steps per row, then on your lp mini use the up down left right button to select the diffenerent grid areas .


@nuun thx for the compliment. glad you’re enjoying it. : )

  1. To record audio from the groups (this applies to all m4l devices), you need to create an extra audio track and route the audio. So to record 6 groups, you’ll need 6 extra tracks. For a stereo recording, you can just route all the groups to one extra audio track.
  2. To save a set, first make sure you’ve stored the row settings as a preset, then from the ‘Set’ dropdown, save the set, then save the Live Set.
  3. there’s a little more info if u click ‘info’ in the setup tab (right next to the donate link), sorry no manual yet. (slowly working on it for the next version)