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@Flamusic Mhh, that’s weird… but maybe you can do a small workaround, when it really just effects the first track of the session…? you could just leave it empty! of course this is not the perfect solution, but you get kind of rid of the problem for the moment :wink:


Yeah, this was also may workaround, or delete remix and load it again.
But i thought if Mr. Elquinto will read this he can fix it maybee ?
Or some answer would be cool.
Thank you @ Birdster


I tested a little bit with an external synth wich i recorded to an ableton track and to remix
After comparing the 2 recordings i have the feeling that the Remix recording is always 4 ms to late on my system.
No matter if i have the latency in the input set to 0 or to 30 or 40 ms.
Seems to make no difference.
Do i have to put an other option on or off ?
Or can someone confirm if the latency feature is working ?


I’d be interested in some kind of file tagging system for re:mix or MLRV.

Conceptually speaking, what I’d like is a file tree system embedded that would allow a user to swap between various filters they’ve assigned. A performer could hotkey something like, “choose only files I’ve tagged as 86bpm” and then hotkey “in the key of d minor”.

As it stands, the user has to organize and understand their samples will “work” in some way inside MLRV/re:mix, which is totally fine, I just think a further organization would allow for more dynamic performances. If I know I’m using samples in the key of C, and I filter for samples in the key of G, I know my next segue will be in a relative key.

I tried opening up the re:mix patch but it’s insanely complicated as a beginner max user so I wouldn’t even know where to start plugging this in. Max already has a pretty decent “tagging system”: https://docs.cycling74.com/max7/vignettes/dictionaries and that could be patched into whatever imports/saves audio file data in re:mix. Unfortunately I can’t make sense of all the sub patchers and bpatchers in there on my own…

What do y’all think?

p.s I’m very new to monome and the community, I got my grid on Friday last week and have only been lurking Lines for the past week or two.


question for the re:mix users out there ( and/or @elquinto )

i’ve been using a non re:mix related audio input track to record loops. after the loop is recorded and dialed in i “crop” the sample and drag the clip into re:mix. this works really well for me - but i just noticed that the samples come back as offline after i restart the session. i’m saving re:mix projects and sets quite frequently, so i know it’s not that. i’m guessing i need to manually save each loop through remix - is that correct? is there any sort of workaround?

one idea i have is to crop the sample, switch to finder, then grab the newly created sample from the crop folder & drag that into re:mix - i guess this preserves the path? will have to try it tonight…



I’m a musician who’s pretty new to patching in Max and I’m having a lot of trouble making, what I believe is, a relatively simple edit to the Max For Live device re:mix. I’m wondering if anyone knows how it would be possible to allow for group polyphony; triggering samples in the same output group without choking the oldest one so multiple samples can be looping in the same output group at once.
If anyone has done this before or would have any idea on where I should start when editing in max, your input would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


I’m pretty new to patching as well, and I’ve opened up a lot of patches for the monome and all I can say is this is generally why patches don’t get updated or modified to an extent without the developer’s help – re:mix is full of subpatchers and bpatchers, if you’re new to max it’s difficult to see how everything routes from one to the other.

This object might be a good place to start though https://docs.cycling74.com/max7/maxobject/polybuffer~


Do you use the “collect all and save” option in re:mix? It should save all the samples in the set if you do. I have saved re:mix sets in their own folders that contain the flist file and all the wav files for that set.

38 PM


This is more of a process question for anyone who performs with this or MLRV:

How do you go about organizing your music and tempo changes? If you play a sample based DJ set, do you pre-warp all your samples (I usually do) to the tempo you’ll play your set at?

Once you have your samples, how do you organize them to play for a half an hour or so? All drum tracks to group one, all acapella samples to group 2, etc? Do you just have the samples all set to a group, or do you make a “setlist” that pages through combinations of tracks that you know work together?

Lastly, do you use the preferred method of send channels on re:mix using macros or do you have a different signal flow you prefer?


thanks! i somehow missed that.


this is a great app. i’m recently getting back into the monome and this is the app of my dreams. i am only having one problem with it. i can’t load saved presets. the files are loaded in the drop down, but not ready to play.

i’ve saved the set, saved the preset, collected all and saved, everything but i just can’t seem to get it to work. am i doing something wrong?

thank you for building this!


Tried a little bit.
And there are some problems with the live.remote and live.object.
I think thats causing the send 1 - 4 on track 1 to be disabled if I load a set wich has the remix in.

Any Idea if someone can look into ?


Is loading saved sets working for anyone? re[mix] is great, but to go farther with it I’ve got to me able to save my work!


Make sure you’re saving both of the parts that you need to save in remix @skellogg . You have to save with insert/overwrite, then save the remix set (in the same place as your audio files), then save the whole ableton set.

Midi question:
With Midi out on, I’ve got midi running to a drumrack just fine. Is the midi remix is sending out mappable? Just trying to trigger record go on a 64 in an effective way.


Thank you, @Clashley1, that’s super helpful.


I’m trying to use Re:Mix in Ableton Live 9.7.6 with my 128 grid, but when I try to load it on a track it says it cannot run without Java Legacy SE 6 installed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Apple kill support for Java 6 after El Capitan?


i had the same problem and installed Java 6 on my macbook sierra, no problem to declare


Hi @elquinto !
I had a couple of questions… I then read through all the 400+ comments on this thread, which pretty quickly answered all of them (have to put it to practice when I get home). I just wanted to chime in and say thank you for a wonderfull app and that I’m greatly impressed with your support, feedback and kindness towards all users of re:mix! It is super admirable. Going to send over a modest donation as soon as next pay check arrives!


Hello, wonderful community! I am almost new to monome and everything that it carries. I have learned the little I know just by just poking with a stick, but there is a thing that I can’t seem to find any info of it, and I can’t make it work.

I picked re:mix as a cool non-bug MLR with ableton, but the buttons for send or macro doesn’t seem to have any effect. I use the example fx rack to add it to any group (that comes with the program). If I put it after the group window in the audio track (like an effect, but after the group) it works on the sound, but I cannot change the parametres since Ableton tells me that is being used by a max device. If I put the rack effect before the group, I can change the parameters but it just doesn’t affect the group. Honestly I don’t even understand the difference between send/ and macros/, and why turning any of them on or off changes anything (which in my case doesn’t seems like it).

I really hope someone could help me out.

Thanks to everyone.

Edit: Trying to make a better explanation of the problem.


Hi. If I understand you correctly the solution here is that you have to tweak the macros and sends from the main re:mix app that you have on your midi track. You can there change the settings of macros and sends for each of the different groups. Then you can toggle macros and sends on/off on your Grid (button 15 for macros and 16 for sends/top row).

You can’t tweak the effects on the group tracks (the audio tracks where you have placed the group) since the macros is controlled by the M4L app.

Hope that helps!