-re:mix- {m4l app}


Thank you very much for your attention. :slight_smile:


Here’s a track I did mostly based on using re:mix, live chopping samples I made with the Morphagene and Clouds in a sessions prior to this one. I create some loops with the looper section in the top row, then I unplug Grid and into Ansible to mess with tye euro stuff.

So here’s my problem; what I would really like to do is to be able to then switch back to re:mix to return to playing with the samples, but when I reconnect Grid to my Macbook it won’t recognise it? I suspect this is because re:mix kind of think Grid is already connected as the loops is still going? Idk, it’s weird. At most times it will recognise the device if I stop transport in Ableton before I re-plug Grid, but sometimes it won’t. Whenever this happens I have to shut down my computer and restart the whole system for re:mix to recognise Grid. So maybe it has to do with serialosc?

Grid makes that little light thing in the upper left corner every time, so it’s not on that part… Anyone with the same experience?


I’ve searched through this thread, but wasn’t able to find a solution to running this in Max 7 standalone (as a I don’t use Ableton Live). With other M4L devices, I simply open the .amxd file, but looking at the Git repo for re:mix, I see several files. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


I don’t think that is possible.


^ what he said.

i’m moving away from using Live and would love to have a non-M4L MLR with all the bells/whistles of re:mix.

maybe i just have to buy a norns?


It should be doable but needs some important changes.