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Here’s a track I did mostly based on using re:mix, live chopping samples I made with the Morphagene and Clouds in a sessions prior to this one. I create some loops with the looper section in the top row, then I unplug Grid and into Ansible to mess with tye euro stuff.

So here’s my problem; what I would really like to do is to be able to then switch back to re:mix to return to playing with the samples, but when I reconnect Grid to my Macbook it won’t recognise it? I suspect this is because re:mix kind of think Grid is already connected as the loops is still going? Idk, it’s weird. At most times it will recognise the device if I stop transport in Ableton before I re-plug Grid, but sometimes it won’t. Whenever this happens I have to shut down my computer and restart the whole system for re:mix to recognise Grid. So maybe it has to do with serialosc?

Grid makes that little light thing in the upper left corner every time, so it’s not on that part… Anyone with the same experience?


I’ve searched through this thread, but wasn’t able to find a solution to running this in Max 7 standalone (as a I don’t use Ableton Live). With other M4L devices, I simply open the .amxd file, but looking at the Git repo for re:mix, I see several files. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


I don’t think that is possible.


^ what he said.

i’m moving away from using Live and would love to have a non-M4L MLR with all the bells/whistles of re:mix.

maybe i just have to buy a norns?


It should be doable but needs some important changes.


Good evening everyone!

Quick question: Is there any way to configure re:mix so that a channel could play a long sample (like a song) based on the next idea?

Being able to have a channel dedicated to songs or really long samples, but instead of dividing the length of it on the 8/16 buttons a grid has in the wide dimension, having it scrolling the song/long sample each beat a button (like in short samples) but when it would reach the end of the grid, it would loop visually but keeping playing the whole sound. (So the light advances through the channel in loops, but being able to work with each beat more easily instead of dividing the whole song in 8 buttons that each one could contain like 20 beats or more…)

I really hope that somebody understands my idea, which I feel there has to be an easy way to it, or really is a challenge to achieve.


Hi @elquinto

re:mix under Ableton is pretty awesome solution. I moved away form standalone mlr 2.56. But I am still wondering, how to use my 64 as a mixer and fx device just like on standalone mlr app. I’m using 256 + 64, maybe I doing something wrong. Thank you.


Does this work without a grid?

I have a Push 2 and a launchpad mini. I also have an iPad if that could possibly work.



i am not sure but having read this entire thread 3+ times i don’t think second grid support ever got added within re:mix. but i think you should be able to run a different m4l mixer on the 64. i was going to suggest the app ‘control’ but it looks like it’s 128 only.

@eblomquist on ipad it’s possible to set up using the app touchosc (search thread for info), for the two other grids there is an app called gridlock that can mimic a monome with some tweaking, google “gridlock monome”


No it requires a grid but there are other max devices that emulate mlr for push and other grid devices


Greetings everyone! I have a quick question about tempo/key changes while using re:mix. I’m fairly certain this question will show all you folks what a novice I am in the Monome world :stuck_out_tongue: So, here goes: When I load samples into re:mix, say each of them being 110 bpm, I typically slow down the tempo a bit in Ableton. Nothing drastic, just anywhere from 90-100 bpm. When I do this, the samples tend to drop a few octaves, and almost sound detuned. Say my samples are in Bm, I load them into the individual tracks, slow down the tempo a bit, and boom…It drops a few octaves/changes the key of the samples. Is there anyway to rectify this situation? Am i completely missing something? Please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject, and what seems to be so simple. Anywho, thank you guys for reading, and the continued inspiration you all provide on a daily basis.


I don’t think re:mix warps samples so for it to slow down the bpm the samples are going to be pitched up or down to keep them in time. As for how to fix it, either warp the samples beforehand and bounce them out at the tempo you are gunna work at or work with them at their original tempo!


Greetings everyone! I have a fairly basic question that I hope one of you guys can help me out with. I’m trying to figure out how to set re:mix up so I am able to record up to 6 different live instruments, one on each 6 groups. (i’m using a 256 by the way.) I am completely lost on where to begin to do that. Am I able to record live instruments into re:mix and play with them on the fly? I have a few different midi controllers (drums etc.) , keys, a guitar synthesizer, and an upright bass to give you an idea. I’m wanting to do the live looping thing within Ableton, and could sure use some of your guys’ brilliant input on accomplishing this.



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anyone use re:mix and successfully recording + replacing buffer while sequence/pattern is playing from re:mix? im getting gnarly glitch noise buffer pop and tick.

talking like all the rows active and playing within a pattern, and/or playing simultaneously at different octave and note intervals -

trying to record “live” or “in-real-time” into ze buffer and get some super lush multi-harmonic live sampling happening but no go bc of glitchy action : /

… i should and could try out just plain ole mlr too which i havent done yet bc this max4live integration is pretty sweet…literally just got a 128grid (thank you monome!) and inspired to go into new frontiers…that norns might be the ticket tho too? lol!



hello :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: not a re:mix expert but it sounds like this might be happening because the pattern record is moving the record head, not just the play head (?). in the norn’s version the record heads keep looping the same even when the play head is moving.

I made an mlr in max that works more like the norns version, and can do the thing you’re taking about, and a few more live-input tricks. you can have it? if you want??

maybe someone else knows if there is a fix for re:mix


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i just did quick test… and no pops or clicks for me. but i’m on ableton 9! wonder if that has anything to do with it?

my steps:
booted up re:mix patch on empty midi chan
dropped the “record” patch on my live input track, set length to 128, loop on
put groups 1,2 & 3 on separate open audio tracks - all groups read from “input 1” and are set to speed 1, speed 1reverse, speed 2
hit play and jam away

my ableton buffer size is set to 256


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sean bb
im gonna open up 9
i got to thinking it may be because of either im in 10 and re:mix a bit old now or its even an OS thing bc im on 10.11.6 >>>>>

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