-re:mix- {m4l app}


i want it, toooooooo


i’m on 10.11.6 too, my OS brother


This is probably answered elsewhere but is there a list of m4l devices that work reasonably well with Grid and/or Arc?

I’m about to get my first ever Grid and Ansible, but I don’t want to completely ignore my Ableton rig as I slide even further down the eurorack rabbit hole…

Any recommendations for good Grid/m4l devices for a newb?


Max/msp : community/consolidation/standards/deadness?

well I guess I’m publicizing this app early


Hey, uhh, where do I get this app?


yea unfortunately this kind of app never got as popular as it should of but @stretta made a bunch of stuff for gridlab that are cool. I also like Mark eats clips for clip playing


Would love your max MLR version too please


Would absolutely love to max MLR version if its not too much trouble!


Is there a way to record live input from the device? Or can I midi learn the record go button? Seems not to work here.


I combined some of Stretta’s ideas into a single m4l app that I use all the time.
Its a little buggy but does the trick.

at the moment it only works on 256 but you might be able to adapt it…

I found his grid sequencer was too limited, could only go for 16 increments and required constant mouse-use. His Plane I couldn’t even get working in Live… so this one is sort of a mix of the two.


I’ve been trying to set up my re:mix to only use the top half of my 256 grid while I use the bottom half for another app but it is proving difficult.

It seems Griddle is no longer supported by serial-osc…
but this app appears to not use serial-osc anyway.

Has anyone had luck doing this?

I’ve tried griddle but the virtual grid don’t populate the menu at all.


On further investigation it seems griddle may not be working because nobody ever made any 64-bit zeroconf externals…

This is sad.


Anyone wanna share the max patch that Andrew made?


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fam - still having pops crackles and clicks when young buffer glides over & refreshes audio into ze rows.
live 10 and live 9
max 7…
also curious how i can reach the author = elquinto … im still a noob around this forum but wasnt seeing a direct message option


You can try calling it by putting a @ before his name. @elquinto ?


word thank you i’d love to get in touch w. @elquinto regarding the clicky buffer refesh issue <<>> gratitude