-re:mix- {m4l app}

nice! looking forward to finally trying it after hearing about it/mlr for years!

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updating this leak now that the proper device is out


Hello! I’m try to automate switching between and recording input tracks from clips in Ableton. It will only let me move to the next input track. It doesn’t work more than once? Any suggestions as to why that would be and a way to work around it?

@elquinto would it be simple to make the input track number as a mappable value so it can just be set in a clip envelope?

Is there a way to have an independent function from global settings for each row using:

  1. reverse
  2. octave up or down
  3. transposition up or down

Any button combination that would work. I can manually do that in the re:mix window and those functions doesn’t seem to be MIDI mappable.
Is it possible?

Thank you!

Never has been a way to control transpose from the grid but for the others, on a 128 grid, it’s these buttons. Mod 2 is top row button 8 I believe.

13 (with mod 2 held) global octave -
14 (with mod 2 held) global octave +
15 (with mod 2 held) global reverse

And few more. There several others in the manual.

9 (with mod 3 held) - step length page
10 (with mod 3 held) - reverse page
11 (with mod 3 held) - group page (columns 1-6 = groups, 7-8 = row vol, 9-12 = play mode)
12 (with mod 3 held) - octave page
(pages are momentary if you keep holding mod 3 after selecting)
15 (with mod 3 held) - set next tempo

Mods 3+4 are top row buttons 13+14

Thank you for the info!
Those will be only controlling globally all audio files.
13 (with mod 2 held) global octave -
14 (with mod 2 held) global octave +
15 (with mod 2 held) global reverse

I could use a qwerty keyboard to control octaves and revers independently for each row.
I wonder if theres a set of MOD buttons that would work without me using my mouse and the keyboard?

It takes a bit finesse and the right order of pressed keys to get there… but it works.

Thank you so much!

It says global octave but what it does is actually open a page on the grid where you can transpose each track individually.

I enjoy playing around with re:mix, so powerful.
One thing I haven’t figured how is to probably save and recall sessions.
Every time I save my Ableton session and re-open my re:mix sessions is empty. I tried re-naming the audio buffer, saving the set separately, but doesn’t store it probably.
For now I have recorded everything straight out of re:mix, but it would be fun to have recall available.
I’m on MacOS 10.14.6 // Ableton Live 10.1.1
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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When you are happy with your set

  1. Open the floating window
  2. Click on Store and name your set
  3. Click on Open Set
  4. Click Collect All and Save
  5. Save Live Set

When you reopen the session remix will load all sets collected and saved


Hey everyone! I recently acquired a 2012 128 and have been experimenting with MLR and Re:Mix. I have a few questions for you kind people! If anyone can help with anything I surely would appreciate it.

  1. Is there a guidebook/faq for MRL on the web? I was unsuccessful at finding anything or any Youtube tutorials.

  2. Is it possible to get a click track/Metronome in MLR?

  3. When using Audio Recorder in MLR I get a text file. How can I convert this to audio?

  4. I followed the quick start guide for Re:Mix and have been unable to get any LED interaction or sound going. I have:

-Created a new session in Ableton 10 (newest version)
-Opened Re:Mix on a MIDI track
-Created 6 Audio Tracks and opened the appropriate Group Track (1-6) on each.
-Loaded Audio into Re:Mix

and nothing! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hey - starting with a really obvious thing, forgive me - have you pressed play in Ableton? The transport needs to be running for re:mix to work.

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I have not! I will try that! Thank you!

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That worked! Thank you so much!

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Can anyone provide simple instructions on how to record live instruments through re:mix and have them play back?! I’m trying to implement re:mix into my live looping setup, I’m just unsure on where to start😜

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unrelated to your problem but I have the same last name as you ha!

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Hey there, After buying a new laptop, a mac with Catalina, I’m having problems running re:mix on Ableton Live 10.1.2. I keep getting an error message that says Java 6 SE needs to be installed, and Ableton crashes. Hmmmm. Could anyone possibly point me in the right direction?


hey hey!

had the same happen on MacOS 10.14 – just needed to install the legacy Java 6 runtime from the linked Apple article in the message: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572?locale=en_US

hopefully works the same on Catalina! :crossed_fingers:


The problem i’m running into is the uninstall of Java 8. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to do it. Once thats uninstalled, i should be good to go with 6.

hmm – i didn’t need to uninstall Java 8 to install the 6 SE legacy runtime. Max has some objects that require the legacy runtime, but that shouldn’t replace your system Java – it should be able to be installed in parallel. verified on my machine under System Preferences > Java:

but this is all 10.14 – are you getting specific messages from Catalina that Java 8 must first be uninstalled?