-re:mix- {m4l app}

I’ve started a beta branch on github. I’m still working on patching everything together so some things are broken/ not there yet. My goal is to have it fully functional and merged with the main branch by New Years. I will be pushing out updates frequently over the next few weeks. Note that the device is unfrozen, so the .maxpat files are not baked in (just ignore them). Use the [re]mix.amxd. It is one single device now. There are no group output amxds anymore.



Yo, this is exciting. I haven’t had a chance to dig in to RNBO, but all of the devices being one now means there could be room, with some small edits on my (read: my programming friend who I annoy the crap out of) end to actually export a VST version of this for BitWig. If that works, well, then, what a world!

Also, this is so cool of you to revisit and remake. What an unbelievable gift to the community

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Yeah, RNBO is interesting, but unfortunately I need a standalone Max license and RNBO license to use it. I only have Max for Live.


It’s interesting you bring that up! A friend and I were discussing this exact item today, and I think it’s interesting that M4L has this separate editing and building space separate of Max. Hopefully things continue to coalesce in to one experience as time goes on.

I will report back if I can get my friend to focus on this. It’d be super cool to make this available to more folks.

erm, I don’t know how I deleted my post above, I must’ve clicked something by mistake. anyways here is the link to the beta version- https://github.com/el-quinto/mix/tree/beta. Use the [re]mix.amxd, ignore the .maxpat files. (but keep them in the same folder)

hope to have it finished by New Years.

edit- did not know I could undelete posts. restored!


does this mean that you can use more than one instance of re:mix without the limit of groups?Thank you elquinto, this is the most exciting news in years!!!

Yes, it will support multiple instances. I haven’t tested it yet but this should already be working in the beta.

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yesterday I tried and It works!I had 2 issues: re:mix auto detect my 128 as 256, and the pattern recorder doesn’t seems to work.My os is Windows 10 and I use Live 11 Suite.Thanks!

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It currently does not detect your grid size, I will be adding that functionality later as I finalize the UI. 256 has the same mapping as the 128 though so it should be fine. I’m redesigning the pattern recorders, currently they are non-functional in the beta. If you check the readme.md on the beta page, there is a brief list of things I have todo/ in progress.


Sorry elquinto, i didn’t understand. My english is not perfect. Sorry again

Sadly I will not have it ready by New Years as I had hoped. Mainly, converting preset system to use the pattr/pattrstorage max objects instead of the old way is taking me a lot more time than I thought it would. I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks so it’s been difficult to make a lot of progress. Still working on it.


Take all the time you need! It is a huge gift you are giving us. I only speak for myself when I say that I would never want a Monome script to cause a creator undue stress.

Can’t wait to use your script when it’s ready. Your script is one of the reasons I still have a Live license.



Completely new to this, but I feel like i’m super close. Ive deep dived into as many tutorials and forum threads I could find. I have my 128. Its connected to live and serialosc is running. I downloaded re:mix. Im a big ableton user but never explored max for live. I open re:mix in ableton. I see a bottom window thats has macro and sends knobs and another window that looks like a sequencer. Ive loaded a sample into where is says 2. From what I read the first row of buttons is used for something else right. So now ive hit a wall. how do I get anything to play? lol… also on my grid the side column is lit up except the top corner button. It looks like re:mix is seeing my grid because the sequencer window looks to match my grid. What am I missing? how do I make it play?

Also Hi everyone! new to this all. It looks cool though.

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Sounds like all you need to do is make sure abletons transport is on, ensure the sample is in the top row on the app, then hit the first button of the second row on the monome and it should start playing!


I had the transport going but just couldnt understand why it still wasnt going. decided to re read everything on the thread and came across another dude asking about a quick start guide and Elquinto replied…

“quick start guide: load re:mix, load group.amxd’s to tracks, drag samples in, play”

took a couple minutes then it clicked for me

I didnt have any of the group.amxd’s loaded. I was like wth is that and why does that look familiar? Opened it in max for live audio effect folder, turned transport back on ( thanks @declutter ), I hear sound and I’m already having fun with it!

Shout out to everyone in this thread. Looking at all the posts from years ago helped with most of my questions. Im looking forward to learning how to use re:mix and my new grid!