Reading norns SD from another machine(Mac/PC/Linux)

My norns doen’t seem to want to boot after the latest update. Before I reflash, I’d like to grab some save data and custom scripts off of the card. Is there a way to read the contents from another computer?

I have a pi3b I can repurpose to read the SD if necessary or possible.

You can try the “adventurous” options here: help | monome/docs

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I’m feel adventurous.

That being said, it sounds like if I install a desktop OS on one of my pi3Bs I should be able to see it as well.

Thanks for pointing this out!

I have had success reading the partitions of my diy Norns shield using a computer running a linux operating system.

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use an USB microSD reader to put the card in a pi/norns and then see the docs for reading from a USB stick

/media/usb etc should get you to the card contents

Any linux computer will be the same.

MacOS wont see the data partition - it only wants to see the boot partition.


The Windows driver posted above saved me. The link from the monome article was dead, but I found it in another location (hopefully not infested with malware) and I was able to read the SD card and rescue the data. I should probably repurpose one a Rpi to just run Linux for these situations.