Ready to expand my modular!

Hey everyone,

Im ready to expand my modular set up! I plan on using the monome modules to drive both drums and melody… I have a decent module setup for the melody already. I have a monome and I am now ready to purchase all three monome modules. I would like to use some monome modules to drive the melody and some to drive drums/glitch sounds…However, I do not really know what modules I should look for to develop some glitchy drums and noises… I would appreciate any help or ideas especially in the area of clock/logic modules…



all I do is glitchy drums on the 3u I work with

i can’t speak for the trilogy modules but you shouldn’t ignore this unless you have it already (if you do i’ll share tips)


20 characters for Teletype

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+1 for teletypeeeeee

teletype is indeed very awesome. but when you already have a monome and modular, the trilogy (or a subset of it) is a no brainer. if you can’t afford more than one at once, the ww is always a great start. and lets you try 3 different firmwares (ww, kria, orca). meadowphisics is a beast at clocking and much more.

my setup isn’t drums-centric, but I do love my digital noise module, vcnoiz, which has a pitch knob. it sounds very lofi when turned down.

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Teletype won’t make any sound, but will do the rest !


Great little drum tutorial here. The Bastl folks love percussion.

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how could i have forgotten them!

the make noise tempi also could be really useful for you for percussion - really intuitive clock division programming.

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I have been looking into the tempi… its on my list actually… I have a few more modules to acquire before that though… and another case…

I haven’t kept up at all with the Euro scene for quite a while so don’t know all the newer modules out there now but when I think of glitchy noises in that format the Harvestman Tyme Sefari always comes to mind.