Reaktor 6 released

Any views? I’ve enjoyed the instruments and drumboxes in Reaktor 5 but haven’t tried the learning curve of building ensembles. The blocks approach looks like a nice way into that…

Coolest thing about blocks is that that you can patch feedback. Also, can’t wait for users to start posting weird blocks.

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I’ve never taken to Max, and been a fan or Reaktor for a long time, so I’m looking forward to downloading this over the weekend.

128 + Reaktor 6 integration? Yes, please! I’m not sure how to approach that though - I guess it’s time to bone up on my OSC and drivers and whatnots.

Need a bigger screen.

@analogue01 a bunch of eurorack makers are doing direct clones of their modules.

Synthrotek Sequence 8 and I saw some Animodule designs.

The future is interesting… Although, when software get’s overly skeuomorphic I tend to start losing interest.

I’d really like to see stuff like the Razor oscillators broken into blocks, or interesting spectral resynthesis things that aren’t in hardware modular yet.